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    Crenicichla notophthalmus frys

    Hi all. I have been working with these for awhile and just got these guys to breed in my 75 community tank and it has tons of frys. My question is should I remove the frys or wait till the get bigger. I don't want the other fish picking them off. I checked the cave this morning and the frys...
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    WTB Crenicichla Notopthalmus

    I haven't been here for awhile but I was seeing if anyone on here have seen any of these for sale. I Just purchased 2 male and 1 female and looking for another pair if there is any for sale. I am in the process of trying to breed these in my 75 gallon tank. I'm located in Portland,Oregon. Thank you.
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    Pleco L260 QA

    I was wondering if anyone here knows how much the queen arabesque are going for now on the market. I'm going to pick some up at a discount price of $60 per fish for 2 inch. Is this worth it?
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    Moving Dicrossus Maculatus Fries from tank

    I was wondering if I should move the fries from the main tank into a smaller tank to grow them out. This is my second batch which I think from the first batch when I tried to move them I think I might of killed the first bunch by using a dropper. Well now I have about 30-40 fries again in my 55...
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    Enjoy yall Apisto enthusiast

    Hey I came across this video when I was trying to find out how to raise Dicrossus Maculatus. This video is in German but I think this is a great video if your trying to create a apisto biotope. It will take time for the video to download but I think the video is very educational. For anyone who...
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    Need Help..got lucky

    :biggrin: I was wondering if I could keep a pair of dicrossus maculatas in a 5 gallon tank for breeding. I just purchsed a pair of wilds and luckly I got a male and female and the female started laying eggs. I don't know though when I got them they were abit over an inch but now the female is...
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    FS/FT Pearl Chromide

    I have a group of 6 3" Etroplus canarensis will to trade or sale. Interested email me.
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    I am about to start my breeding project and I was checking on here to see if anyone had any discrossus maculatus,T. Candid, and or Ap. Elizabethea pairs/trios for sale. PM me if you have any. Thank you.