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  1. Tom C

    New article!

    Today I have the pleasure of publishing on our site: An insightful, inspiring and beautiful article about the species so far called Apistogramma sp. "D37": A Colombian Beauty – Apistogramma sp. ‘Kiemenfleck/Gill-spot’ by Frank Hättich and Yukitoshi Ohnota Enjoy!
  2. Tom C

    New article! Apistogramma sp. "D10"

    Today I have the pleasure of publishing on our site: An exquisite and thorough article, where most aspects of a mouth-breeding Apistogramma from Colombia are reviewed in detail. Frank Hättich and Roland Kipper's wonderful article about Apistogramma sp. "D10", a new mouthbrooder from Colombia...
  3. Tom C

    Mike Wise's amazing 2017-revised list of more than 400 species / forms of Apistogramma

    I happily announce that it's finally ready for you all to read: Mike Wise's amazing 2017-revised list of more than 400 species / forms of Apistogramma, arranged in groups and complexes!
  4. Tom C

    Another new Apistogramma has been described

    The Apistogramma sororcula has been described by Wolfgng Staeck & Ingo Schindler: Apistogramma sororcula, a new dwarf cichlid (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the drainage of the rio Guaporé in Bolivia and Brazil
  5. Tom C

    apisto.sites.no is down

    I just want to inform you that our site, apisto.sites.no, is temporarily (fingers crossed!) inaccessible. :( We experienced a server crash, and unfortunately this also influenced on the server that holds the backup system. Martin is working hard to solve the problems, but it may take some time...
  6. Tom C

    Apistogramma "Black Mountain"

    The 2015-trip to the Peruvian Amazon brought us to the Río Sumón , a tributary to the Río Yahuasyacu, which is a tributary to the Río Ampiyacu (Pebas area). Here lives an interesting, rare Apistogramma cf. ortegai (?) form. (It might be exported as Apistogramma "Black Mountains" in the...
  7. Tom C

    Apisto mix from Colombia

    I've got many beautiful apistos from the Inirida area, Colombia. Here are some of them. But to identify these Apistogramma uaupesi - like beauties, is (too) difficult....
  8. Tom C

    3 Colombian Apistogramma

    Several new forms/species of Apistogramma have been collected in Colombia the last months, and some of them have reached my tanks. I will not reveal anything about the collecting locations, I have therefor given them the preliminary names Apistogramma sp. "D1" to Apistogramma sp. "D6". Two...
  9. Tom C

    Apistogramma cf. cacatuoides (Rio Acre)

    As some of you might have noticed in the "Apisto news" section at my site, I brought back a few fishes from the Rio Acre, Peru in October 2014. I didn't collect them myself, but bought them from a fisherman who had collected them in the Peruvian part (at least he said so...) of the Rio Acre. At...
  10. Tom C


    Iquitos, Peru. The Heros' in the exporters outdoor ponds look fantastic: and so do the Rio Itaya, this time of the year: So who is crazy enough to leave this for 12,5 hours downstream on the Rio Amazonas in this "Rapido", just to have loads of challenges with police, papers...
  11. Tom C

    New Apistogramma described: Apistogramma aguarico sp. n.

    Apistogramma aguarico sp. n.: A new species of geophagine cichlid fish (Teleostei: Perciformes) from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian río Napo system. Uwe Römer & Ingo Hahn
  12. Tom C

    New species of the genus Nannostomus is described

    New species of the genus Nannostomus is described: Nannostomus nigrotaeniatus spec. nov. - Ein neuer Ziersalmler aus Venezuela. Axel Zarske. The description can be downloaded HERE. This is the fish which for some years has been labelled Nannostomus sp. "Black". I luckily found a few...
  13. Tom C

    New species: Apistogramma paulmuelleri sp. n.

    The species formerly known as Apistogramma sp. "Masken" has been scientifically described, as Apistogramma paulmuelleri sp. n .
  14. Tom C

    Tough New Wildlife Import Regulations Proposed for US

    Could this be the end of wild fish imports to the US?
  15. Tom C

    We walked into the jungle...

    Julio M, Mike W, and I, walked into the jungle, and we found these: :)
  16. Tom C

    Collecting in the Rio Tahuayo and the Rio Tamshiyacu drainages 2011

    I finally have had the time to put together a small report from the collection of Apistogramma panduro and several other Apistogramma species in the Río Tahuayo and the Río Tamshiyacu drainages in October 2011. The report could be found here: Collecting in the Río Tahuayo and the Río...
  17. Tom C

    I can see no threads at all, except for my own! #2

    Same problem Ted had: I can start a thread, like this one, but when I try to open the same thread (to reply) I get a permissions error = Apistogramma.com - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. (which is why started this new thread instead of posting in the...
  18. Tom C

    I can see no threads at all, except for my own!

    When not logged in, I see the threads.... When logged in, I see no threads but the ones I've started myself! I've tried whats New: "You have no unread threads. You may view all recent threads instead." and the link here doesn't work..... I've tried the "Open quick navigation" arrow, and no...
  19. Tom C

    Apistogramma sp. "Schwarzkehl/Black-throat"

    I got some A. sp. "Schwarzkehl/Black-throat" from Steve1572 a few weeks ago, and they are marvellous! After settling in, the male immediately tried to make himself attractive for the female. After a while, the female showed a blackish throat: and after a few days more, her throat...
  20. Tom C

    The article of the century, from Mike Wise!

    I have the great pleasure to introduce Mike Wise's very latest article! This is, at least for me, THE article of the century: PALEOGEOGRAPHY OF SOUTH AMERICA AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE DISTRIBUTION & PHYLOGENY OF APISTOGRAMMA-SPECIES-GROUPS This article would help us to understand why the...