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  1. DwarfApisto

    Hey sorry I haven't been on here in quite awhile, Yeah look me up im on Facebook. Blaine Austad...

    Hey sorry I haven't been on here in quite awhile, Yeah look me up im on Facebook. Blaine Austad Jr. Look me up Im breeding some Nice apistos right now, expanding any time I can.
  2. DwarfApisto

    N. America FS: Apistogramma erythrura 'Rio Mamore'

    I'm interested if u still have available. [email protected]
  3. DwarfApisto

    A wangenflecken

    If u have the means to get the fry out and tank to move them to?! Pull em out. But if u not concerned about the out come?? Then just let things work out the way it was suppose to.
  4. DwarfApisto

    How to breed Apistogramma Atahualpa

    First thing I would do is get that mirror out of tank! That mirror is not doin any good. Other than making the male even more aggressive than they normally are.
  5. DwarfApisto

    No problem. But it will be a few months David. Will post when they get close to size. Thanks for...

    No problem. But it will be a few months David. Will post when they get close to size. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Wild Apisto Atahualpa (sunset) Female

    Wild Apisto Atahualpa (sunset) Female

    4 SALE!!! VERY LONELY!!! Wild Apisto Atahualpa(sunset) Would like to see someone that has a lonely male, looking for a female? ;)
  7. Wild from Aquaticclarity

    Wild from Aquaticclarity

    Breeding pair Apisto Panduro's...Bad pic!!! Beautiful fish. Babies from many of their young are currently 4 SALE!!! MANY more on the way.
  8. DwarfApisto

    WTB: A. bitaeniata male (US)

    I will have a bunch them. but not for a month and a half atleast. They are Bitaeniata Tefe? What location are your female Bitaeniata? Here Is dad (wild)
  9. DwarfApisto

    FOR SALE...Wildcaught female Apisto Atahualpa (sunset))Very nice, but VERY LONELY!¡

    FOR SALE!!! Wild caught Apisto Atahualpa (Sunset) Very Nice fish!!! PLEASE somebody has to have a male either by himself or just want a beautiful Apisto. My male didn't survive very long after the travel to the states. I've had her since April so she still got plenty of time to breed her. Make...
  10. DwarfApisto

    For Sale!!! Apisto Panduro Pick up Only Rochester, Mn.

    For sale are nice quality, healthy Panduros for sale or will trade for aquariums . MAKE ME A REASONABLE AND FAIR PRICE FOR BOTH of us. The parents of fish offered for sale are wild caught. They came from aquaticclarity! Here is pic of dominant juvenile male that is offered. At time of the pic...
  11. Apistogramma Baenschi

    Apistogramma Baenschi

    Got this male from David Soares (ApistoDave) a 1 1/2 ago pic did not do him justice at all. Gotta couple nice spawns outta the pr.
  12. DwarfApisto

    Incoming Peru Order

    The Bitaeniata Red are nice looking Jeff!!! I definetly would like a pair if not a problem? Thanks
  13. DwarfApisto

    White gold?

    Too small
  14. DwarfApisto

    Tank Raised Apistogramma

    It all depends where you live. you will have to give him your zip code!
  15. DwarfApisto

    Hello from MN

    Aquaticclarity is a great source for wild caught Apistos. His name is Jeff. He is a great guy! He has got a bunch of apistos right now. Send him email or go to his website. aquaticclarity.com or Email is [email protected]
  16. DwarfApisto

    Apistogramma Oregon y glaser

    They look more like nijsseni. I know they are similar. But,they just look more like nijsseni. But i'm no expert. So i will let them make the call. Either way they are nice fish. :)