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    Easy Summer Brine Shrimp

    I picked up a tip a while back that I finally tried this summer. A fellow hobbyist told me that he discards his brine shrimp hatch water into a glass container outside. The shrimp grow out and you get various sizes. I filled a 12" cube tank with roughly 3-4 gallons of salt water and then added...
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    P. pulcher Fry Showing Mouth Brooding Behavior

    The. P. pulcher pair that are tending free swimming fry broke up after a couple of weeks. The female is courting other males while the male is tending the remaining 5 free swimmers. I noticed yesterday that the fry were actively trying to get into the males mouth. I watched the lone male for...
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    I have never kept Killifish. Could Chromaphyosemion/Aphyosemion work in a planted six foot tank alongside some of the shoaling killifish (lampeye's) and Pelivachromis species? If so, what sort of numbers would you try for? Most of the information on killifish relates to smaller tanks and trios...
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    Satanoperca Difficulty

    Hello, I think I want to add a group of Satanoperca to my 125g tank. I hear they take ages to grow and are not aggressive towards other fish. A lot of people state they have difficulty keeping them alive. But people say that about almost all soft water fish. For those of you that kept them...
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    Hyper Aggressive Males

    I'm just curious, do you think the aggressiveness of males is genetic or just variable across indivuals? The nicest A. cacatuoides male I have is aggressive. He is not doing the "seek and destroy" routine, but any other fish are chased until they can evade him. I moved the female I am trying...
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    Splash Tetra ID

    Does anybody know what species this is? http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwcharacins&1500862026
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    Apistogramma cacatuoides polychromatic

    I apologize if this is covered/known. Unfortunately, I can't find the Peru trips from Tom's website. How polychromatic are A. cacatuoides compared species like A. agassizii? My fish were labeled as "Peru", so is it safe to assume they most likely came from around Iquitos? Do you know if the...
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    Aarhud’s 125 gallon Apistogramma Tank (Not a Biotope)

    I wanted to share the process of converting my 125g(475 liter) to a riparium. I was inspired by Prototop’s “Apisto Riparium”. The recent discussions regarding plant filtration finally pushed me over the edge. The tank originally housed f1 Archocentrus multispinosa and a group of sailfin mollies...
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    Dim Viewing Light

    I was reading through "Tom's Bucket Of Mud" thread over on UKAP. He mentions using a dim light to illuminate the aquarium for viewing the fish. Tom said the fish are pretty bold in the dim lighting, and their colors really pop. Do any of you use a similar tactic? I think a small dimmable LED...
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    Camallanus YUCK

    I found a dead female endler with a nasty red worming wiggling out of the anus. A quick google search points towards camallanus. The bad part is that I used water and substrate from my main tank to get the cycle going on two smaller tanks I setup. These are fishless right now. Would you simply...
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    Where did Apistogramma steindachneri go?

    I use to see these everywhere. Any idea what happened? I wanted to try one of the bigger Apistogramma species.
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    Concentrated Peat Extract Recipe

    Brian Andrews wrote a fantastic series of ebooks (not sure if they are available in print) about commercial farming of ornamental fish. In the books, he covers pretty much everything from spawning too rearing fry to sellable size. Each section can be purchased individually, so I purchased the...
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    Media to Waste Ratio

    Hello, Is there a formal calculation for the amount of bio media needed? I'm designing a small acrylic box to function as an internal filter. I'm interested to know if there is some type of way to measure the ammonia/nitrate processing capacity of x amount of media. The tank is 18 gallons and...
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    Peru Cacatuoides

    I maintain my only remaining tank around 800 Micros with the use of Calcium chloride, potatassium bicarbonate (sometimes sodium bicarbonate as there are no plants currently) and epsom salt. Wetspot has wild A. cacatuoides from Peru. Would they suffer in the above conditions? I am not a fan of...
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    Hardwater fish

    I am trying to create a Costa Rica biotope with A. multispinosa, Poecillia mexicana, and eventually a pair of Cryptoheros. Is the usual method of buffering with baking soda and epsom salt acceptable long term? I can't help but feel that something is missing. In the past, wild type livebearers...
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    Spam Threads

    Is there anything we can do to stop the spam threads?
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    Tap Water Rant

    Hey all, I have known for some time that I need to move over to RO water or rain water. Either option is not easy to implement in my current small home. My tap water is great out the majority of the time. I can do water changes and see the fish benefit (increased activity, spawning, etc). But...
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    How to distinguish female A. allpahuayo from A. cacatuoides?

    What are the key differences between female A. allpahuayo and A. cacatuoides?
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    Pencil Fish with other tetras

    I have had my group of 30 Nannostomus marginatus for 7-8 months that are fat and happy. I want to add a different type of tetra that will help control the number of Apistogramma baenschi fry. The tank is a six foot 125 gallon. What tetra would not take the show from the marginatus, but still...
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    Skin Flukes?

    I have three wild A. baenschi females. After a couple of weeks in my tanks, they started to develop black marks on the fins. Three days after treating with API General Cure (metro and prazi) the spots are gone. Ted mentioned a similar issue in an old thread and stated he thought they were skin...