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  1. Norman Fenske


  2. Norman Fenske

    Looking for a book on Apisto's

    Instead of asking lots of questions I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good book on Apitso's? Hopefully it would be one that goes over water parameters, temp. different types, compatibility etc. Thanks
  3. Norman Fenske

    Heater repair??

    I bought a 200w submersible heater for one of my tanks out of the box the glass was broken on the very bottom approx. 1/2" piece plus a crack approx. 2 to 3" long. The heater has never been plugged in. I know you can buy heaters cheap approx. 7.00 each for a 200w. Is there anyway that this can...
  4. Norman Fenske

    More Fry!!

    My Orange Flash young doing great not able to sell yet but I would expect fairly soon they should start showing some color. I have Double Reds with fry they are tiny I would compare them size wise to the grains of pool sand. I did have a pqair of Triple Reds that had fry but there were some...
  5. Norman Fenske

    Need explanation please?

    I have been told that its not advisable to use a DI filter okay but why?? Not discounting anyone I just want to know why. I called the manufacturer of the RO and was told they heard of it vaguely but since they have been making RO units nobody has complained I also went to the LFS and they a...
  6. Norman Fenske

    Need advice please???

    All of my tanks have the same water ( makes it easier to maintain ) and now I have a problem, I have 1 pr of WC Breitbinden that are really acting listless cannot see the female but the male is either on the bottom in a corner just laying there or sometimes near the top in a corner. My water...
  7. Norman Fenske

    Apisto's in a 30 gallon?

    Not a community tank was thinking of adding a couple pairs of Apisto's or a group of 5-6 young apisto's let them pair off the only other fish in the tank maybe some tetras that stay away from the apisto's but that is it?? Any ideas??
  8. Norman Fenske

    New Arrivals

    Today I got more fish YEAH!!! 1pr RioNegro Breitbinden ( male looks awesome !!! ) 1 Pr Double Reds nice looking, 1 Pr Aggie Curutu Another nice looking pr was going to get a pr of Panduro however the female did not make it and I was also given a male Borelli Blue. So now when the weather gets...
  9. Norman Fenske


    Well I am sure I am not the only one that has done this or will be the last, I have decided to really get into Apisto's. My sun / fish room is 163 sqft. and looking at the way I have my tanks set up there is wasted space so decided to take some measurements and now w / o making the room any...
  10. Norman Fenske

    Two Questions??

    Yesterday I was watching the pr of Orange Flash and I noticed the Female was trying to eat the fry. From what I saw the fry manged to get away. So my question is this normal behavior at times its not like the fry are moving dots any more now they look more like normal size fry. From my...
  11. Norman Fenske

    Triple Reds

    Yesterday was interesting I was feeding my fish and I noticed spawning behavior with one of the prs of Triple Reds I have. The past few days it looked like the male was trying to impress the female and yesterday it looked like they were spawning. I have 90 degree PVC elbows 3/4" ID Dia. the...
  12. Norman Fenske


    Sorry if this is kind of a dumb question but I figured I would ask, just like with leaves it seems there is the preferred type of leaf and then there are others that work that you can use like Oak. So here is my question yes I understand you can buy all different types of wood to go in your...
  13. Norman Fenske

    My Apisto Tanks

    In order as you see them Triple Reds, 2nd pr Triple Reds F stays in the pot hopefully guarding eggs, trifasciata cannot see them they are small stay hiding mostly, veijita's, Golden Cacatuoides, Orange Flash w/ fry, 55 community cannot see them but have a pr of Orange Flash in the tank
  14. Norman Fenske

    Greetings from Hazy Hot and Humid Richmond Va!!!

    It seems people get addicted to all sorts of things drugs and alcohol for the most part but then there are other things as well my home theater is one and Apisto's is the newest addiction. I have had aquariums since I was 4 so roughly 50 plus still have not gotten tired of this hobby!! Roughly 6...