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  1. Ttw

    Fish colors

    When fish are collected in the wild their colors are often extraordinary. After a few generations in the home aquarium these colors fade. Feeding diverse foods has not really helped, at least in my tanks. Does anyone have a successful way of maintaining the wild colors?
  2. Ttw

    Back to Peru

    If all goes well, which may be expecting a lot these days, I am returning to Peru on Friday. I have not been to northern Peru to collect for many years. The plan this time is to collect the drainage of the Mazan and Napo rivers. Will be on the river about a week then hopefully back home. Always...
  3. Ttw

    Here is another one

    This makes me wish I had taken better records back in my early collecting days. I believe I brought this back from a early Peru collecting trip. May have been from the Rio Mazan but I'm not sure. Sorry about the picture quality.
  4. Ttw

    Help with ID

    I have been going through my archives and have come across photos of Apistos that I have doubts as to their ID. There are a number so I will submit them one at a time. This is a fish I obtained in 1986 from a small fish shop with no identification. No info on collecting site or other helpful...
  5. Ttw

    Selling 2 breeding pairs of Apistogramma urteagai

    These are offspring of fish I collected from tributaries of the Rio Beni between Peru and Bolivia.
  6. Ttw

    Spirulina enhanced brine shrimp

    Has anyone noticed any effect on fish colors with feeding spirulina enhanced brine shrimp over regular brine shrimp?
  7. Ttw

    Interesting article on Venezuelan apistos

    At Mikolji.com there is a good article on revision of the genus Apistogramma in the Orinoco basin. In Spanish. Other places on the site he has wonderful videos of Apistos and rams in their natural habitat as well as other fish and orchids. I have been to some of these same areas and collected...
  8. Ttw

    Buying Wild Rams

    I am looking for wild caught Rams. I am located in Arizona.
  9. Ttw

    Erythrura color forms

    Does anyone know if the different color forms of A. erythrura breed true? I have collected 3 forms. The red caudal, blue caudal, and the colorless caudal. Since they are collected in the same area and all the females look alike I have not been able to set up reliable pairs of each form.
  10. Ttw

    Brine shrimp cultures

    Does anyone add a drop or two of chlorine bleach to a liter of their bbs culture?
  11. Ttw

    We did collect Apisto trifasciata

    When I described the fish we collected in Bolivia last summer I mentioned that most were quite small and difficult if not impossible to identify. Once the fish were home in our aquariums for awhile my collecting partner noticed some fish that he thought may be trifasciata in with a large group...
  12. Ttw

    Collecting report Bolivia 2016 Part 2

    As we drove south back to Trinidad we collected at several more roadside pools where we collected erythrura and linkei. Water pH 7.2-7.8 Tds 20-80 Temp 91˚-93˚ F. Next we took Highway 3 west towards San Ingnacio de Moxos. Gasoline was purchased along the way in 2 liter soft drink bottles...
  13. Ttw

    Collecting report Bolivia 2016 Part 1

    After a 14 year absence we returned to Bolivia to collect Apistos and killifish. We went in August because that is during the dry season and that is the time of year we had gone previously. This time we found conditions were much dryer. Several of our collecting sites from 2001 were dry or had...
  14. Ttw

    Variations in lateral band and caudal spot

    I have been trying to identify some of the fish I collected in Bolivia. The confusion started in trying to differentiate A. inconspicua from A. linkei. They are closely related. One of the main identifiers to differentiate between the two is the relationship of the lateral band to the caudal...
  15. Ttw

    Help with led light

    I have a Finnex Planted plus cliplight that has a burned out driver. Does anyone know the specifications for this driver so I can replace it?
  16. Ttw

    Bolivia collected fish spawn

    Since I brought the fish I collected in Bolivia home on Aug. 15 I have had 3 spawnings. The A erythrura spawned today. The fish I believe is A. linkei and the one I think is A. inconspicua spawned earlier and I have free swimming fry. I will get around to posting pictures to see if others agree...
  17. Ttw

    Collecting trip

    Soon I will be leaving on a collecting trip to Bolivia. We plan to collect in both the Chaco and then north into Beni. I have collected in Beni on a previous trip and hope to be able to once again bring back erythrura , staecki and linkei. I have not been to south eastern Bolivia before but plan...
  18. Ttw

    Kordon bags

    I may be the last to know but in case others didn't know either, Kordon has changed their bags to what feels like a thicker material and eliminated the side seams. I called the company and they said that they had changed the bags. I was afraid that there were counterfeit bags with the Kordon label.
  19. Ttw

    Any info Mike?

    Hey Mike, are we going to hear anything about your collecting adventure?
  20. Ttw

    Collecting net

    Collectors out there, what color of net do you use? On my last collecting trip I used a dark brown net instead of the usual white one thinking it would not scare the fish as much. I'm not convinced this theory worked out. It did make it harder to see the fish in the net among all the litter.