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  1. JosVermeulen

    Article: Tempo and rates of diversification in the South American cichlid genus Apistogramma

    I found this article and thought you guys might find it interesting as well: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0182618 Abstract Evaluating biodiversity and understanding the processes involved in diversification are noticeable conservation issues in fishes...
  2. JosVermeulen

    EB Acara theory about hybrididzing with rams

    So, I know this isn't the best forum to ask this, but I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, so I thought, why not ask here. I read on an article by Nathan Hill that some people seem to think that the EB Acara comes from crossbreeding the normal Blue Acara with Rams by artificial...
  3. JosVermeulen

    Female Apistogramma viejita died

    Here's she now: I'm so gutted about this, since she was starting to show signs that she was breeding. Resided in her cave, male around her. And suddenly out of nowhere she's dead now. There seems to be no cause for this and I'm gutted. Sorry if I posted this here, but I felt like I needed to...
  4. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma megastoma, a new maternal larvophilic mouth-brooding apisto

    Here's the paper: http://www.senckenberg.de/files/content/forschung/publikationen/vertebratezoology/vz67-2/00_vertebrate_zoology_67-2_roemer-et-al_pre-release.pdf
  5. JosVermeulen

    Keeping Apistogramma viejita with Dicrossus

    So I have a 64 gallon (240 litre) Juwel RIO 240 tank with a pair of A. viejita, several Corydoras aeneus and some cardinals tetras and some Hyphessobrycon sweglesi. Because of these tetras I'm unable to breed (fry get eaten anyways, and TDS is a tad bit high). Now I was wondering (also not...
  6. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma viejita with a red "shoulder"?

    So I've had this male A. viejita for a while known, but it seems to be developing red on it's shoulder. I took pics of it as you can see below (with and without flash, don't mind the dirty glass). I've never seen this in other A. viejita, but I know that this one is F1 from near Puerto Gaitan...
  7. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma ID

    What kind of Apistogramma is this? Thanks in advance!
  8. JosVermeulen

    Map of type localities of Apistogramma (made by Roland Kipper)

    Here's a link to the map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=13bSyKbALRy-gCovvcvfcRuUdPzk&ll=-23.19775619805804%2C-34.13224848784546&z=3
  9. JosVermeulen

    List of A-numbers with current scientific name

    I was wondering if there was an (updated) list of the A-numbers with their current name? I have the DATZ book but that's from 2005 and since then new apistos have been found and others have been given an official scientific name.
  10. JosVermeulen

    Etymology of "German Blue Ram"

    I've been wondering for a while where the name German Blue Ram came from. I've always been told that it came from a time where the "true" GBRs were bred by German breeders and this meant that they were of higher quality (so to say). In an era were lots of them are mass bred in farms, they don't...
  11. JosVermeulen

    A. borellii female gets a blue sheen

    There's this A. borellii female that looked like this 2 years ago and she was like this a bit over 2 months ago But now she looks completely like this She's wild caught, but the blue sheen seems to be a male feature. Does anyone know what is happening here?
  12. JosVermeulen

    DATZ-Sonderheft "Südamerikanische Zwergcichliden" - Errata/update list

    I'm getting the DATZ publication and I was wondering if there was a list with errata and/or updates, since the book has been published in 2005? Thanks in advance!
  13. JosVermeulen

    The effects of ferts on TDS - Osmotic shock?

    I've been wondering something and I've talked about it with several people, but I couldn't find any scientific paper on the subject. Wouldn't dosing ferts combined with water changes cause changes in TDS and hence cause osmotic shock(s) which are harmful to fish?
  14. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma viejita

    I first posted in the misc. images and don't know how to deleted it. Anyways, here's my male A. viejita.
  15. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma viejita

  16. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma viejita

    My newest addition to my tank (bagged in pics). FEMALE MALE