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  1. MickeM

    DKG Killie-fish Convention 2019. May 30th, Stuttgart, Germany.

    Hi all !! If you`re in Europe... One of Europes most interesting Fish Conventions... Great presentations, beautyful fish.. and more!! (Often more than 500 tanks with Killies !!) Click more for further Convention-Info.. https://www.killi.org/dkg?s=index&ta=off
  2. MickeM

    Rare Apisto(rositae) observation..!!

    I just got a surprice I`d never thought I would ever see.. Absolutely the most odd place for an Apisto-female to keep her larvae / fry.. (yet)!! As we know, Apisto females like to relocate their offspring when they notice that they start hatching .. .. and often then, where it is quite dark...
  3. MickeM

    Odd Apisto for sale.. !!!

    Anyone who wants a new breeding project..????? :-) http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwapisto&1507209381
  4. MickeM

    And the winner is.....

    Nikon Small World 2016 Photo Contest !! http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/19/arts/nikon-small-world-photo-contest-2016/index.html
  5. MickeM

    Scandinavian Killifish Association(SKS)-show in Stockholm,16-18 september

    Hi all.. A nice SKS-weekend in Stockholm is coming soon.. 16-18 sept. You are all very welcome to come and visit.. Free entrance !! Special guests: Wim Suijker (NED) + Kiril Kardashev (BUL) More info in this link.. http://sks.killi.dk/sv/
  6. MickeM

    Apisto-Temperature/Gender + Climate Change

    I thought it was about time to put up this link once again .. a great lecture in English..from Dr. Uwe Römer ..for all who may have the interest.. (last+1st(?) time I think Peter in England put it up here..? )
  7. MickeM

    Hot/Warm River in Peru

    Anyone here planning a new SouthAmerican Biotope Tank..??;) http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-have-found-a-mysterious-boiling-river-straight-out-of-amazonian-legends?utm_source=Article&utm_medium=Website&utm_campaign=InArticleReadMore
  8. MickeM

    Apistogramma spec. "Bolivia Gold".. - A. cf "Cristal" or A. luelingi ??

    Hi all.. I bought this wild Apistogramma spec. "Bolivia Gold" from Aquarium-Glaser in 2013..( maybe coming from the Puerto Maldonado-area???).. I guess it is a A. luelingi-"type".... Unfortunately , I add my only pic of the "dad"/male (now dead) to my remaining 2 females (F1)..!! The only...
  9. MickeM

    Color signals

    I searched the web and found this interesting link concerning some of North American Killi-fishes.. Just wanted to share it.. even though it is/may not directly be comparable on/for Apistos..!! https://news.illinois.edu/blog/view/6367/204490
  10. MickeM

    Glutaraldehyde and Carbon in planted tanks!

    Hi all.. I hope someone here can help me out... verify or explain.. Since I have some information(hearsay) about Glutaraldehyde-CH2(CH2CHO)2 ..existing in some chemical "cleaning"/washing-products or -mixes used inside large oiltankers( and in the shipping industry) .. I am wondering what...
  11. MickeM

    Some Fe-info in humic + low/high pH in water..

    I found this interesting swedish pdf .. regarding Fe2+ and Fe3+... Maybe some help for someone...in special-situations..!? (Translation from Swedish is needed..) I have been doing hobby-studies/-searching about the reason for high mortality when keeping Acestridium sp. - catfishes..(Fe in the...
  12. MickeM

    The future is here... Now!!!?????

    Hi all.. Here you can get some info if you are interested in future European "Rescue-programs" planned/ soon "in process" for fishes in general!! Presented by Fishbase Sweden , in Stockholm, October 2015. Only a few weeks ago.. A great basic lecture/draw from Brian Zimmerman, Curator of...
  13. MickeM

    N. America Dither-fish for Apistos in looong tanks.. Epiplatys lamottei..

    Found this when I was scanning Aquabid.com.... for you all in North America!! Since I have Epiplatys lamottei ... I can assure you the these fishes will be a nice dither-fish in tanks longer than 60-70cm and contain lots of plants.. If you have plants up to the surface+ some "moss clumps"(or...
  14. MickeM

    Heteranthera zosterifolia in bloom..!

    Nice to find in a planted tank!!
  15. MickeM

    Nanoptopoma spec. "Robocop"

    I just want to show you one of my favorite Apisto Tank Mates.. - Nanoptopoma sp. !! These small (2-3cm) creatures in these pics entered one of my tanks only 2 days ago.. I have been waiting for their arrival!!!:) ..since I have kept a close relative to them a couple of years ago..! (Nanoptopoma...
  16. MickeM

    Laimosemion + Apistos..!!??

    Hi all !! I just want to report a small test I made since I had the opportunity (small killifishes available) .. I am a member of a Killi fish association and got some Laimosemion-youngsters from a friend in our group.. 2 small Laimosemion cladophorus (2cm in size) were put in a really dense...
  17. MickeM

    Blog with great Crypto pics from the nature!

    FYI..Cryptocoryne pics+info!!;):) http://cryptoandbetta.blogspot.se/2014/03/buce-sp-silver-powder-borneo.html /Micke
  18. MickeM

    Campellolebias brucei

    Hi all .. It might not be a real tank mate alternative, but for sure an odd South American Killi !! Fishes of this genus are famous (infamous..) for being quite aggressive.. This old male lives in a tank with a female, but she often hides in the peat and plants.. I really like the size of his...
  19. MickeM

    The reason why you always ought to keep your Killi codes!!

    Hi all..!! I can`t help to post this..!! I have not yet kept Chromaphyosemion with Apistos, but I sure wish to find a way to combine these two types of fishes in a nice tank one day!!! ..and to all Killi people out there... keep your codes!!! (Some of them are not yet scientifically described...