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    West African Cichlids for Sale

    Hi, I have Etia nguti, Hemichromis sp Guinea II and Stomatepia mariae for sale on Aquabid. Steve http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwcichlidsw&1433991698 http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwcichlidsw&1433991698...
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    Dwarf Cichlids for Sale

    I have a big list of fish for sale on our local aquarium club's forum. There are many dwarf cichlids. Shipping is available (weather permitting). Check it out at: https://www.kcfishclub.org/forum/25-classified-ads-fish/67175-lots-of-fish-for-sale.html?limitstart=0
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    General question regarding temps

    Are there Apistogrammas which do not tolerate higher temps (mid 80's)? Are there some that prefer higher temps? I have a kind-of-greenhouse with aquariums that I would like to breed various Apistogrammas sp (mendezi, iniridae, wilhelmi) for now) but the water gets to the mid to upper 80's...
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    German West African Cichlid List

    Would it be okay to post a list of West African Cichlids available from Germany? I talked an on-line seller who normal imports East Africans from Germany into getting it to me and I want to make it worth his while. He said it was okay post the list around. No money in it for me. I will...
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    Tilapia joka for sale

    Hi, I have some perfect shipping sized Tilapia joka youngsters to sell. Looking for $18 for 6 of them plus shipping. IN a week or so, I think priority with breather bags should be fine which would put shipping at ~$12-15. This is a fairly rare West African semi-dwarf - my male is about 5...
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    I know they aren't African and maybe not dwarf, but I have what I think are 4 adult male Iranocichla (F4?). Looking to see if anyone has extra females to trade? Is anyone breeding them? I have got them to breed before but had to sell most of them when I moved 3 years ago. Steve
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    Hemichromis cristatus?

    I had these guys before I had to tear down the fishroom 3 years ago and would like to get them back. Anyone still keep them? I got mine from Toyin originally. Steve
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    Sarotherodon lohbergeri

    I saw this for sale on Aquabid. Anyone know when the came into the states? Steve
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    Biotoecus sp. "Rio Tapajos"

    You may remember about a year ago Aqua Glaser had Biotoecus sp. Rio Tapajos on their list. I bought some, got them to breed (before the wild caught parents all died off), raised the F1 and got some nice looking fish. There was some question as to whether these were just Biotoecus opecularis...
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    Dicrossus for sale

    I have lots of young F1 Dicrossus maculatus (1/2 inch)- I'd like to sell them in group of 10+. For 10 I'd like $50. Let me know. I have one last pair of Dicrossus sp. Tapajos - will sell for $60. Let me know. Steve
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    Congochromis dimidiatus M/F/F

    I have a wild trio of C. dimidiatus. They have spawned before but no fry. I'd like $50 for the trio (OBO). I can ship with breather bags via Priority for $15. PM if interested. Steve
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    Dicrossus sp. Tapajos for sale

    On aquabid I have listed a M/M/F group of wild Dicrossus sp. Tapajos. Steve
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    Ivanacara adoketa for sale

    I know someone on this site was looking for Ivanacara and had even PMed me. I apologize but I've been really bad about returning PMs/e-mails. My upcoming move to San Diego has really taken a precedent. Well, anyways, I do have 4 Ivanacara adokete for sale. I 'believe' I have one pair and...
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    Myaka myaka pair for sale

    I have a nice pair of wild Myaka myaka that I need to find a home for. The male is pictured. Really one of the cooler cichlids I have ever seen with the flourescent blue head and big eyes. These two coexist in a 75G. I have seen the male showing off but never seen any spawn. I'll toss in...
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    Attn west african cichlid members

    I am getting ready for a move this summer and I have few West Africans I'd like to place with interested and dedicated West African Cichlid hobbyists. I don't want much for them, just a good home and cost of shipping/supplies: Tilapia joka adult pair - these are the parents of all the joka...
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    Thoracochromis brauschi young group for sale

    Hi, I know several people on this site have expressed interest in some Blood Throat cichlids. I have a group of 8 that I would like to move out. I'd take $3/fish. Box/bag fee of $5. I'd recommend not shipping till after the holidays. My zip is 66209- I'll ship however you like. Let me know...
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    Pelmatochromis buettikoferi for sale

    Hi, have a juvies of a rarer Westie, Pelmatochromis buettikoferi. They are interesting looking fish. Become very gold while breeding. Juvies are 6 for $15. I can do priority shipping for $15 including heat pack. PM if interested
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    Dicrossus sp. Tapajos

    Any one else working with these guys?
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    Dicrossus for sale

    I have some Discrossus maculatus and sp. Tapajos on auction at Aquabid. My user name is freshwaterfishfan. Thanks for looking. Steve
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    Camera recommendations

    I am thinking about taking the plunge and getting a REAL digital camera to take some nice pictures. I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations, maybe a top 3 list? I've heard good things about Canon and Nikon, in particular. I'm looking at spending $600-1000... Steve