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  1. Josh

    Emails Fixed!

    Everyone should receive email notifications as normal now! Let me know if there are any issues
  2. Josh

    Problem with posting/reply confirmation when posting

    Interesting. I will look into this!
  3. Josh

    new 55g for Agassizi - dither choices

    Welcome to the forum! The tank looks great already. It'll be even nicer once you get it fully populated!
  4. Josh

    Hello From Ontario

    Welcome to the forum - thank you for joining us!
  5. Josh

    Hello Everyone, New Aussie member.

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Josh

    Sand Grain Size Too Large?

    Hey Mike, any idea where can you find <0.5mm sand?
  7. Josh

    New member

    Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining!
  8. Josh

    Hello from MA!

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you've joined us!
  9. Josh


    Welcome to the forum! Happy to help however we can!
  10. Josh


    Welcome to the forum! Glad you've joined the community!
  11. Josh


    Welcome to the forum!
  12. Josh

    Need parasite ID help

    Any chance you can retake some clearer photos so we can get a better idea of what the parasite looks like?
  13. Josh


    Hey Shane - Welcome to the forum!
  14. Josh

    Parotocinclus longirostris - a cute and small catfish

    Thanks for sharing Micke! Great shots - they're so tiny and cute!
  15. Josh

    Which one should I choose?

    I chose them because I like the way they look more than baenschi! ;) :)
  16. Josh

    Which one should I choose?

    Welcome back! I'd go with A. viejita personally. I would think they would do well. Can't wait to see some pics!
  17. Josh


    Welcome to the forum, Kevin!
  18. Josh

    G'day from Toronto

    Welcome to the forum, Greg! Can't wait to see some pics of your tank!
  19. Josh

    Hello from california

    Welcome to the forum. Where in CA are you located? I'm in Redlands.
  20. Josh

    Wc apisto viejita

    Beautiful fish! What book was that photo in?