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  1. dw1305

    Leaves and other humic supplying additions

    Hi all, This has come from an inquiry on <"another forum"> by an Australian member about whether there are any Australian native (or frequently planted ornamental) trees <"that you can use"> as "structural leaf litter," or a source of tannins? I know that Indian Almond (Terminalia catappa)...
  2. dw1305

    Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske)

    Hi all, I've obtained five <"Copella callolepis"> . I bought them as "Splash Tetra", although the vendor knew that they were another species of Copella, just not which one. We both thought they might be C. callolepis, and a look at TomC's web-site proved that is what they are. I've only had...
  3. dw1305

    Taikong Ornamental Fish

    Hi all, A planted tank keeper on another forum I belong to (UKAPS) wants to start keeping Apistogramma spp. He is a scientist and a pretty knowledgeable aquarist, and we have been long term correspondents. He has sourced some dwarf cichlids via "Taikong Ornamental Fish", and he is interested...
  4. dw1305

    Dicrossus maculatus biotope pictures at Reef to Rainforest publishing

    Hi all, There is an interesting article, with pictures of dwarf cichlids in the Rio Tapajos, at <"Aquarium Musings: Bringing Out “The Best” in Aquarium Fish">. cheers Darrel
  5. dw1305

    Humboldt University, Berlin - The importance of humic substances

    Hi all, I don't speak German, but if any-one does there is a short discussion with Dr Christian Steinberg of the Humboldt University on the importance of humic substances in aquatic ecosystems here: <"http://files.feedplace.de/haustier-radio/myfish - Thema - Huminstoffe.MP3">. Their research...
  6. dw1305

    Congo (DRC) cichlids in the wild

    Hi all, A member of the UKAPS forum lives in the DRC, and he recently visited a huge spring pool and took a series of under-water pictures, including some cichlids. From <"African Rivers"> (http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/african-rivers.23966/page-3). cheers Darrel
  7. dw1305

    Jan-Kurt Schaefer - "bigbird"

    Hi all, I received some really sad news this morning, I've was told that Jan "JK" ("bigbird" on this forum, and a forum donor) has died. I knew he had been unwell. I never met him in person (he lived in Sydney), but we had corresponded for a number of years and he was a very conscientious and...
  8. dw1305

    Europe UK, Bath - Splash tetra - Copella arnoldi

    Hi all, I bought a trio of the sub-adult true Splash "Tetra" Copella arnoldi a couple of months ago, and they have been very prolific, meaning that I now have at least 30 juveniles, from fairly small fry to sexable sub-adult. (Picture/more info in this thread...
  9. dw1305

    Book - South American Dwarf Cichlids: A-Numbers, Habitat, Care and Reproduction

    Hi all, Steve Simpson Books (in the UK) are selling Stawikowski, Kosloswki & Volker "South American Dwarf Cichlids. New: A-Numbers, Habitat, Care and Reproduction" DATZ for £19.99. <http://www.stevensimpsonbooks.com/si/003449.html> It has been a very difficult to find book, and is well worth...
  10. dw1305

    Water Chemistry: Osmoregulation, Ionic Imbalance & pH

    Hi all, I've found a useful article on water chemistry, it is well worth a read: "Water Chemistry: Osmoregulation, Ionic Imbalance & pH" in "The New England Cichlid" A NEW ENGLAND CICHLID ASSOCIATION PUBLICATION April 1, 2011. <http://www.tbas1.com/Exchange/The%20New%20England%2011.pdf>...
  11. dw1305

    Laetacara araguaiae description published

    Ottoni, FP and WJEM Costa (2009) Description of a new species of Laetacara Kullander, 1986 from central Brazil and re-description of Laetacara dorsigera (Heckel, 1840) (Labroidei: Cichlidae: Cichlasomatinae). Vertebrate Zoology 59, pp. 41–48.
  12. dw1305

    A. hognei/Zigzag tank and filter

    Hi all, First of all I don't know what the fish are, but they are smart looking fish, and then just a quick word of praise for Robert179b, (and all the posters on this forum), because along with the phenomenal knowledge available, this is what I really like about this forum. I look at...
  13. dw1305

    Venezezuelan site - Apistogramma in habitat

    Hi all, With apologies if this has been posted before, and I couldn't get the english translation pages. <http://www.pecesdevenezuela.com/Geophaginae.html> cheers Darrel