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  1. kgazos

    Crenicichla notophthalmus

    Greetings! I want to get a trio of Crenicichla notophtalmus. Would you recommend more or a pair? Also from what I have read they are compatible with Apistos and medium/larger tetras but if intention is to breed they require their own tank. For a pair would a 29 gallon long work? Of course...
  2. kgazos

    Wild Agassizii from central Peru spawn

    Hello everyone! my agassiziis spawned and I don’t know if the eggs are viable. Also the female is very little so I don’t know if she knows what to do, although she is wild caught. Should I separate her with her eggs from the other fish? I want as more fry as possible to survive. I have...
  3. kgazos

    Laguna Larga, Los Lagos rivers complex, Bolivia

    My main source of information and inspiration was the expedition and the publications of Dr. Stefan Karl Hetz. I am grateful for the content he shared on his site: https://native-fish.org/de/allpages/bolivialoslagos . Substrate: Sand 0,4-1,2mm mixed with clay and peat. Partially river sand...
  4. kgazos

    Apistogramma Agassizii lethargic

    Hello everyone. I have this beautiful male Agassizii. I have him for 2 months and everything was excellent. In the aquarium he is with a female of his kind. The problem is that for the last 3 days he won’t eat, even life foods, and he is very very lethargic. After examining him thoroughly I...
  5. kgazos

    Apistogramma maciliensis Red Tail Marmore

    My question is if the fish pictured is a trifasciata or an erythrura since I understand that there is no maciliensis species officially.
  6. kgazos

    Apistogramma purchase advice

    Currently I have a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteris and Agassiziis. I want to buy a pair/trio/colony of Trifasciatas. Would you recommend buying mora than 3? Also can I have a trio or a colony of Agassiziis or would it be too many? And if so can any of those Apisto species coexist in the same...
  7. kgazos

    500L/125gal Stocking ideas

    Hello everyone! I have a planted 125gal aquarium (130 l * 60 w * 70 H) with lots of driftwood and no fish currently, apart from a pair of albino bristelnoses. I have a pair of wild caught both macmasteris and agassizii in a 60gal divided tank. My question would be: Should i divide the 125gal in...
  8. kgazos

    Wild caught apistogramma macmasteri spawn

    Hello everyone! My wild apistogramma macmasteri have spawned. Female is guarding her cave and the male is not bothering her. I have a divided 55 gallon and they spawned in the one section and in the other I have another one female who is very yellow and probably ready to spawn. I don’t know when...
  9. kgazos

    WC Apisrogramma atahualpa

    the first two photos is supposed to be a male These two are supposed to be females Is it possible to understand the gender or not yet?
  10. kgazos

    WC Atahualpa trio

    Hello it’s my first time keeping apistos and WC fish. I am thinking of buying a trio of atahualpas because their gender cannot be identified yet due to them not being adults. My LFS is very specialized in wild caught fish and very helpful so they gave me a lot of information about this amazing...