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    substrate sands.

    hi all! i'm dreaming of getting a new larger tank to replace one of my 75 liters. the idea so far is a clearwater tank to house either some clearwater apistos or some dicrossus maculatus. so far it's just on the drawing board/dream scenario.. heheh a week ago or so i found this substrate, so...
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    Sneaker male. A. Atahualpa

    Hi all! I got a few questions regarding a. Atahualpa and maybe sneaker males in general. A few month ago my dominant male died. After that the dominant female continued the hierachy. I was sure i had 1 male and 2 females. Subdominant female i didn’t see much exept when eating. Now i’m not so...
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    Pyrrhulina spilota

    Hi all! I’m thinking of getting some of these (p. Spilota) for my main tank (l:120 cm, d:36 cm, h:36), with a. Atahualpa. I’m just not sure if they get to “big” for a dither. Whats your thought on this? I’m thinking of a group of 10. I was aiming for copella nattereri, but sadly i was too...
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    Heteranthera Reniformis

    Hi! I recently bought some Heteranthera Reniformis (-i hope to see them blossom). They where listed as floaters, but they do have some rather large roots. So my question is does any of you have any experience with rooting them or should i just keep them as they are listed? Thanks in advance. -r
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    Congochromis dimidiatus

    Hi all! i got a free tank and is debating heavily with myself, about what to put in it. One of the fish i have been thinking of is this. Therefore i’d like to hear about your experiences with it. disclaimer:,i have never kept West african fish, so here is a few questions i couldn’t find answers...
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    Dropsy or bloat

    Hi all! today i spotted one of my copellas with dropsy or bloat like symptoms. It is now moved to a hospital tank. so now i am reading up how to treat it, as i have had a few other cases of this or something similare within the last couple of months. I have one question though. Could this be...
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    I did it….

    No, no… i did not get a new tank, breeding fish nor my number 1 “wishlist fish”… Nope… -i finished browsing through all of the 228 pages in the “apistogramma” subsection on this magnificent forum.. -talking about using your summer holliday in style… I’m not sure why i felt the urge to tell you...
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    Hyphessobrycon cf. Troemneri

    Hi all! I just saw this tetra on Ruinemans. I have never heard of it and Google didn’t give anything either. Have any of you ever heard of it? -perhaps with another name… It looks like a great small tetra. Sorta like amandae or something but it’s hard to tell from only one picture. Here’s the...
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    A. rositae

    Hi all! -A week or so ago, i finally got one of my current top 5 apistos. A. rositae. I bought one pair, or so i think it is... The male i'm very sure is correct sexed, but the female, I'm still a bit unsure if correctly sexed. The LFS, gave me the net, so i could pick and choose as pleased, so...
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    A. atahualpa biotope

    Hi all! Here's my new tank (155Liters, 120cm x 36cm x 36cm). I got my trio A. atahuapla, 10 Copella nattereri and 5 Nannostrumus marginatus in it and they all seem happy with their new surroundings. One of the livingroom plants i had growing as riparium plant, in the old one didn't like to...
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    Apistogramma atahualpa

    hi all! i started to break the current tank down to make place for my new long 155 liter tank. yesterday evening i noticed this... there is barely anything in the tank, but still they thought it was about time to lay eggs... hehehe i have small stocking question, i'd like to run through with...
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    Custom made tank

    Hi all! quick question. I have asked a shop on a price for a tank with custom meassurement. the tank i asked is 120 x 36 x 36cm. So around 155 liters. -so here’s the question. He suggested 8mm floatglass. My own research on glassthickness was in that ballpark too, but i’d like to hear your...
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    Ceratonia siliqua

    Hi all! -another seedpod question... has anyone of you ever tried using these long seedpods in a tank? I “rescued” some, because i thought they looked funny. I’m not sure which subspecies i have (-infact, i’m not even sure if it is Ceratonia siliqua pods, but they sure looks like it). I know...
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    Current state of my tanks..

    hi all! there's been a lot of radio silence on my end lately, so i thought it was about time to show a few pictures of 3 of my tanks. first one... -my 120 liters with 10 copella nattereri and a trio of apistogramma atahualpa. both species have laid eggs and i also did notice free swimming...
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    A. atahualpa male or female

    Hi all! Sadly my first male died in summer, so when i saw new imports i hurried up and bought a new one, to keep the females company. This new one is around 3,5 cm long and doesn't show the dorsal spikes. So i'm actually a bit uncertain whether or not it is a male. Could be that it is just to...
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    Pyrrhulina obermuelleri

    Hi all! I’m thinking of getting 6 of these for my A. Atahualpa tank. But first i’d like to hear if any of you have had them before and if you could tell a little about them. Info on them web is rather sparse. All i know, i got from tomC’s site and what little “seriously fish” and “fishbase”...
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    A. atahualpa

    Hi all! A few weeks ago, i bought some wildcaught A. atahualpa (they have been on my wishlist for quite some time). They are doing great and growing pretty fast, so all good. Now here's the question. I noticed on Tom C's site, that it's being listed with two A numbers. What is the difference...
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    Mixing juveniles

    Hi all! Quick question... Is it okay to mix juveniles. I have 6-7 baenschis i was wondering if they could go with my bitaeniatas. They are around 1-2cm. Long.? -r
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    bitaeniatas all around (sorry, might be image heavy)

    Hi all! I thought i share a few glimpes of my brand new 75 liter tank, for my "new" bitaeniatas (they are kids from my first pair, where the big male and dad sadly died around october). Plus i got a few questions regarding some of the bitaeniatas in one of the other tanks. But first a little...
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    Apistogramma bitaeniata

    Hi all! Small question... Sadly, my great a. bitaeniata male died. He was heavy breathing and a bit overall swollen, for some days. I tried to look up the symptoms, but couldn't find the cause or act on any in time. So here's my question, what do you think is best? -redecorate the caves and a...