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  1. Fish4Life

    My nannacara anomala fry

    Yo , a thing I always had succes with when feeding fry is chicken egg yolk used it when I was out of more professional food. Just boil an egg till' it's solid then in some aquarium water in a cup place some bits of that egg yolk , mush it a bit and stir it up , then with a syringe take some of...
  2. Fish4Life

    Strange behavior… Questioning if I have M/F

    Imo both are males but I have seen some flashy females , still not to that extent, And most likely the flaring is to size each other up ending in the smaller/weaker one turning tail and run. Hope this helps a bit!
  3. Fish4Life

    Unexpected kribensis eggs!

    Amazing and exactly what I was looking for , thank you soo much for all the info ! :)
  4. Fish4Life

    Unexpected kribensis eggs!

    Hehe , fascinating with the cory! But I usually prefer to keep these kind of protective fish alone when breeding to avoid any aggression especially towards bottom dwelling fish. But thank you for sharing ur experience!
  5. Fish4Life

    Unexpected kribensis eggs!

    So... About 5 days ago I went shopping for some aquarium stuff and finally (after a bloody year of searching for these fish) I got my hands on the last 3 they had , thing is... This 500iq fish store had em' labeled as "only males" so I kinda got bummed out as I really wanted to breed these fish...
  6. Fish4Life

    Male or Female ?

    I see , thank you !
  7. Fish4Life

    Male or Female ?

    Greetings! 2 weeks ago I received an apisto cockatoo in a really bad shape with white fungus on it's mouth and ich from someone working at a store , decided to take him/her and give it a second chance. Well long story short it recovered quite fast looking good but... I just can't determine the...
  8. Fish4Life

    Hello from Romania

    Hello there! I'm just an average aquarium enjoyer , been in this hobby for about 7 years and got into these majestic apistos 3 months ago with no regrets :p This forum has been a huge help for me and finally decided to register. Looking forward to meeting yall' ! And a hello from my little...