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  1. andris

    Poeciliocharx weitzmani

    does anyone have experience with Poeciliocharax weitzmani to share please? what size of aquarium they demand? i had them in the community tank of 140cm long and decided to move into 80 cm only with small dither and they do not seem to be happy despite actually water conditions and chemistry are...
  2. andris

    dicrossus sympatric fish?

    what are dicrossus maculatus and filamentosus sympatric fishes that can be keep in 30-40g tank?
  3. andris

    rio negro underwater plant id?

    does anyone know what type of plant is that? 0.40 sec starting through whole video.
  4. andris

    agassizi id help

    anyone has good guess what agassizi type is that?
  5. andris

    rams and agassizi

    Another question : rams and agassizi together? 4ft tank? Any experience?
  6. andris

    elizabethea and agassizi together?

    what is your opinion on keeping in 125/50/45 tank elizabethea and agassizi together? The tank is well split in 2 parts. Any experience? I am thinking of 1 pair each or 1 pair of elizabetha and 1+2 agassizi?