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    Calm Water Vs Moving Water

    Welcome Rod, I myself, like sponge filters in my apisto tanks but I also have four tanks with HOB's and they breed just fine in those also with the current but will be changed over to sponge eventually, for the fry I just put a piece of pany hose over the intake. What size tank are you using...
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    ID this apisto?

    First welcome to the sight, and nice looking apisto.
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    A. atahualpa

    Congratulations on the eggs, hope they do well, nice looking tank, I'm waiting on Hongsloi and Macmasteri to bring theres out.
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    should i ever clean a sponge filter?

    I clean mine about every 2-3 mo.
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    How do Wean fry off live bbs?

    When I do it, I take the frozen cube and scrape it with a razor blade or sharp knife. And mix that with live BBS but I never stop feeding bbs, even the adults get it about three times a week. Good luck they grow very slow.
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    Anybody else can confirm or not whether there female Viejita?
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    Just checked one of the other tanks [Viejita] I pulled what I thought was a female and the nicest male, it looks like I may have gotten it right the female is started to turn yellow, now if they just finnish up I'll be happy.
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    Thanks, that's pretty much what I was going on also.
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    All same fish, female?
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    Yes, I've seen it with the Hongs and Macs.
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    I nine of the Viejita and have what I think may be another female, the only thing I have to go by is a few pict. on the putter and it's body is more rounded in appearance and less color than the male , the anal and dorsal appear more rounded and not as much red in the top and bottom of the tail...
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    These were sold to me as Viejita, I have contacted the original importer and he tells me he imported them as a wild pair in march of last year, these came to me as F1's from the person who breed them. They dont look like my Mac's. [color or tail spot] but that really dont mean much. I was only...
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    Ph for Hongsloi???

    That sounds pretty high to me, my tap water is around 6.2 PH and soft, they may lay but not hatch, if your water is to hard.
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    Removing Fry from parents?

    I like to leave the fry with the females for a few weeks unless large breeding is what you want, I have no problem removing the fry other than they are a royal pain to catch.
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    Removing Fry from parents?

    I would leave them in the tank with the parents, the fry grow like frozen molasses. I have never breed more than one pair in the tank at the same time, with macmasteri, hongsli and borellii when the female is ready to lay again they always eat the fry unless I remove the male. Good luck and let...
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    Cacatuoides Fry Instructions

    Mine [Macs.] dont seem to like the cyclops, but they do love [live and frozen] mosquito larva, with ground shrimp pellets and powdered flake food to transition them over to flake food, I have two batches that are about 12 weeks old and there little pigs if it goes in the tank they try to eat it.
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    Top tip for encouraging new dwarf cichlids to feed

    I had the same problem with a batch of Cacs. I just received, the best thing I found that works is live mosquito larva, after about a week I put some in today and they went crazy trying to get them all.
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    bitaeniatas all around (sorry, might be image heavy)

    I have three Borellii females doing the same thing, all three laying eggs and getting the brooding yellow but no male.