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  1. Ekona

    A. trifasciata source USA?

    Anyone know of a source for good strain(s) of A. trifasciata in the US? By "good" I mean good coloration and even scalation (ie. not overly inbred and showing odd/deformed body shape). Are WC of this species imported periodically (or not)? Would like to work with them some day. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ekona

    Pure Fish Works ?

    Does anyone have experience ordering apistos from Pure Fish Works in Minnesota? They currently have an availability list with a lot of rare apistos. Thanks.
  3. Ekona

    Help With H. sp. Moanda

    I received three Hemichromis sp. 'Moanda" as 1 male and 2 females. I have them separated as they were fairly aggressive toward each other. Here are photos of the three fish. First fish - largest and most dominant fish - I thought this was a male because of larger size, dominance and more...
  4. Ekona

    2014 Biotope Aquarium Contest

    Hi all, Found a fascinating site showing tons of biotope aquaria from a contest. Quite a number of world famous entrants and judges - these probably represent some of the best in the world. Biotopes represented from around the globe. Here is the link...
  5. Ekona

    Epiplatys fasciolatus WC

    Had to move a pair of these to a holding tank and grabbed this not so great image of the male. At first I thought these were going to be rather bland, but they have turned out to be quite nice. Male ~ 1.5" wild from Jeff at Aquatic Clarity - imported from Guinea in 2014.
  6. Ekona

    Scriptaphyosemion geryi WC

    Santa did not bring me a new camera this year, so this is the best I can do with my not too expensive workhorse. I'm going for a natural set-up as this species is supposed to allow fry to survive in the tank with them.
  7. Ekona

    Benitochromis cf. finleyi "Mungo Blue" Wild Habitat Video

    Neat underwater video showing thousands of Benitochromis cf. finleyi "Mungo Blue" in habitat.
  8. Ekona

    Scriptaphyosemion geryi WC

    A few pics of wild Scriptaphyosemion geryi. Currently ~1.25 inches - should be quite nice when full grown at ~2 inches. Male - nice specimen- part of the caudal fin was missing and is now growing back. Females - neat looking in their own way. I find the ideal water temperature seems to be...
  9. Ekona

    Amphibious African Killifish

    Check this out: I got a bunch of wild Scriptaphyosemion geryi killifish from Jeff. After being in the aquarium for a few days and seemly doing fine, one point , one-by -one, all the killifish started jumping out of the water and sticking themselves on the glass sides of the aquarium. They...
  10. Ekona

    N. America Wild Apisto. gephyra Mated Pair

    Hi all, I'm moving out my wild breeders to make room for growing fry. I have limited tank space, so it's just gotta happen. Your gain - this wild pair of A. gephyra is a real beauty! They were imported earlier this year from Rio Negro, Brazil. They have matured into a stunning pair of...
  11. Ekona

    N. America Wild Congochromis dimidiatus Pair

    Up for sale is this one pair of Congochromis dimidiatus http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/threads/wild-congochromis-dimidiatus.18647/. I have to make room for growing out fry of several species, and need to find a new home for this pair - otherwise I would keep them. They are wild caught...
  12. Ekona

    Informative Video of Collecting Apistogramma in the Upper Orinoco

    Stumbled upon this video of an informative talk given by a highly knowledgable collector of apistogrammas about collecting Apistogramma in the Upper Orinoco. At one point in the talk he shows a slide of a picture he drew of an apisto he collected. The initials on the drawing are very visibly -...
  13. Ekona

    Macmasteri Group Wild Fish In Habitat Pics

    Nice little article in Cichlid News magazine by Oliver Lucanus on A. macmasteri-group apistos, with photos of wild fish in actual habitats.
  14. Ekona

    Wild Congochromis dimidiatus?

    This one pair came in as C. sabinae, which I would have been happy to have, but as it turns out, they look a whole lot more like C. dimidiatus. ID opinions welcomed. If, in fact, that is what they are, I guess I'll just have to make do with them;):cool:. I will do my best to spawn them...
  15. Ekona

    N. America WTB The Common Minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus)

    This is a definite stretch, but I am wondering if it would be at all possible for someone on this forum who lives in Europe to obtain the Common Minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) and ship some to USA. From what I can tell this minnow is abundantly common in EU, but not sure of it's exact ranges and...
  16. Ekona

    Laetacara Dorsigera

    Pretty sure these are dorsigera - however not so sure on if I have a pair. Help appreciated. Fish A Fish B
  17. Ekona

    Video Sharing Platforms?

    What video sharing platforms are folks using to post videos to this forum? I was using Vimeo successfully, but they have overhauled their coding and the current codes no longer work in this forum. So, I created an account with Veho, uploaded a video, pasted code into forum post and - nothing...
  18. Ekona

    Apistogramma gephyra

    I got these in as A. gephyra (they look like it to me)? I ordered two pairs, but got three definite males and the smaller fish (2nd series of photos below). Male ~1.75" This is the winner of the group - quite nice. The other two males are rather plain looking. Is this a female?? This is a...
  19. Ekona

    Nanochromis splendens WC

    A first look at a wild pair of N. splendens I got in today. Still in the shipping bag as I know these are shy and I wanted to get a few pics before I let them disappear into their 20 L tank. I got these from Wetspot. They do appear to be the correct species and a definite pair. They apparently...
  20. Ekona

    Below Water on Facebook

    Below Water has a facebook site - some nice species pictured including some cool Westies. https://www.facebook.com/belowwater