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  1. tjudy

    From Colombia... what is it?

    Here is a fish imported as A. alacrina, but the dorsal fin is wrong for that species. Any ideas?
  2. tjudy

    Dwarf Cichlids in Stock

    Apisto. agassizii 1.25" Yellow form - Peru $9.99 Apisto. agassizii 1.25"+ Blue form - Peru $9.99 Apisto. agassizii 'Flamengo' 1.25"+ blue and yellow - Peru $11.99 Apisto. agassizii 'Putumayo' 1-2"+ - Rio Putumayo - Peru $11.99 Apisto. allpahuayo 1" yellow form black chin - Peru...
  3. tjudy

    New Apistogramma in stock

    I received some rarer species from Peru this week. You can see a full list HERE... The highlights: A. sp. 'Matses' A. sp. 'Winklefleck' A. allpahuayo 'Rio Tigre' A. payominonis A. sp. 'rocafuerte/Shaly'
  4. tjudy

    Apistogramma panduro and 'mirror therapy'

    Here is a video of a new pair of A. panduro cooperating to defend their space... from a mirror. I know that a lot of people use mirrors to watch their apistos' behavior. I am curious to know whether the general consensus of using a mirror is helpful, harmful or neutral. Personally, I think...
  5. tjudy

    Apistogramma trifasciata

    Here is a video of some A. trifasciata that I have recently set up to spawn. When I start groups with young fish I like to put multiple males and females in the tank, and then let them work out who will be the dominant fish. This video was shot just after that dynamic was reached, and I...
  6. tjudy

    Breeding splash tetras....

    We were about to hijack Mike's Christmas surprise thread, so I brought the topic over here. Tom C ..... Would you mind outlining how you set up Copella sp. for spawning? I am working with C. vilmae right now, and will be setting up some more species in a few weeks. I am using a 33-gallon...
  7. tjudy

    A. bitaeniata 'Tapiche'

    A. bitaeniata 'Tapiche' from Peru. This form is really starting to grow on me. I really like the yellow breast and the red/orange tips to the dorsal rays (which do not show up well in the photo). I am going to set up a couple pairs of these tomorrow.
  8. tjudy

    Pre-Sales List from Below Water (Oliver Lucanus)

    Below Water is Oliver Lucanus' business in Canada (Montreal). Oliver has spent a lot of time and effort developing many export contacts from many of countries in South America and Africa, and he manages to bring some of the rarest fish from those countries.... to Canada. Oliver and I are going...
  9. tjudy

    A Few Pictures...

    I have not posted pictures of fish in a while. Here are some fish that have rotated through the photo tanks recently: A. ortegai (Pebas population) A. bitaeniata 'Tapiche' - I really like the yellow in the body of this fish. A. agassizii 'Yellow' from Peru - I do not know the river...
  10. tjudy

    A. bitaeniata Rio Tigre

    I love it when they dance....
  11. tjudy

    What is this apisto?

    I know what it is not... it is not what was supposed to be sent. I do know that this fish was collected in Peru, in the border area with Equador. I am waiting on confirmation of the river system... if the exporter knows. young male Older male female
  12. tjudy

    Current in stock... Nov 26

    The best way to ask questions or place an order is to send me an email to [email protected] We have a good shipping window (hopefully) next week. SA Tetra Pristella maxillaris pristella tetra 1" $1.49 Carnegiellla strigata 1" marble hatchet $2.49 Copella eigenmanni 1"+...
  13. tjudy

    Coming in from Below Water (Oliver Lucanus)

    I have made a test order from Below Water (Oliver Lucanus) in Canada to get some of the species he has that we have an impossible time getting here in the USA. I will not know the pricing until I see the total overhead, but they will be pricier than fish imported directly into the the USA...
  14. tjudy

    Current In Stock - Nov. 11

    priced per fish, sold in pairs if possible… no guarantee of pairs on species that are hard to sex Tetras & Similar SA Tetra Pristella maxillaris pristella tetra 1" $1.49 Serapinnus kreigi 3/4"+ cool silver tetra with black caudal spot $2.99 Moenkhausia agnesae 2"+ redline tetra $7.99...
  15. tjudy

    updated price list - November 1

    Here is the updated price list. PDF List EXCEL list (automatic total calculation) The best way to place orders is to use the excel sheet, if you can, and then email me a copy of it at [email protected]
  16. tjudy

    New in from Peru...

    I am working on the price list, but here are the results from the photo session today. Photo tanks are no substitute for taking pics of fish when they are established in a tank, but these will have to do. Yes... there are contaminants, but it will take a while to work them out. Nothing much...
  17. tjudy

    Dwarf cichlid video

    I was working the the fish room this evening, getting ready for a couple big orders this week (Peru and Guinea), and the dwarf cichlids were all very active. So I grabbed the camera and shot some footage:
  18. tjudy

    Purchasing Terms and Shipping

    Here are the purchasing and shipping terms for buying fish from TedsFishroom.com. PURCHASING TERMS: · Prices listed on most current price list are valid. · Fish are priced per fish, unless otherwise noted. · Fish that can be easily sexed will be sold in even sex ratios, but even sex ratios...
  19. tjudy

    What's new: October 16, 2014

    Lot's of new fish in stock... mostly Apistogramma, but there are some really nice Pelvicachromis, including P. subocelatus. I also have some HUGE - SHOW QUALITY Laetacara dorsigera 'Brazil'. priced per fish, sold in pairs if possible… no guarantee of pairs on species that are hard to sex...
  20. tjudy

    Hello Everyone

    After a couple years hiatus I am going to try to be a lot more active on this forum. For those of you who are new in the past couple years. I ran this forum for about 8 years before Josh took over (and made it a LOT better). I asked for a Trading Place forum because I am selling fish again...