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  1. J

    Peru Apistogramma identification black triangle

    Was shopping on this website and asked the seller to identify. He stated that the were from peru but that otherwise he had no idea as to species. Any ideas? On key feature is the all have a distinct triangle on base of caudal fin. One fish seemed almost white which was interesting. Fish listed...
  2. J

    ID LFS apistogramma

    Hello all. My LFS in Green Bay WI obtained some apistogramma from Peru which I am interested in but want to ensure I am clear as to what they are selling. I have attached a few photos. Thank you for your thoughts as to the species. These are relatively large for apistos the first photographed...
  3. J

    New ortegai

    My local fish store in GB Wisconsin was able to intercept or purloin a japan-bound shipment of WC ortegai and I picked up a pair from them. I had a male and female of perhaps same species for 6 weeks that were not bonding so exchanged. My previous pair were internet ordered also WC. My LFS ones...
  4. J

    A. Ortegai Pebas var & macmasteri sleeper

    So I recently purchased a male & female ortegai and would like an opinion as to whether you agree these are male and female of species. The ortegai are to be a replacement for two female macmasteri as the male macmasteri died two weeks ago. My intent is to donate my female macmasteri to the LFS...
  5. J

    Is this caucatoides coloration unique?

  6. J

    Cacatuoides unique coloration?

    one of my double red fry seems to have interesting black banding. Is this unique and worth exploring?