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  1. RTCfan86

    A. agassizii Spawning Behavior

    I decided to get my female a male friend last weekend and was excited to see her behavior change last night. They’re in a 75 gallon aquarium. She would repeatedly swim to him and then turn a bit to her side to flash her yellow belly, and then swim back towards her cave. He appears to be too...
  2. RTCfan86

    Female Advice Please

    Hello! I have a male and female A. cacatuoides in a 15 gallon aquarium (24”x12”). The male was introduced 3/27/2021. The only other tank inhabitants are a few Otocinclus cats. Temp is about 79 and ph about 7.0. I have not seen the female in quite some time so I took the tank apart during...
  3. RTCfan86

    Female Agassizii?

    Can anyone sex this one for me? I’ve had it for just over a year now and always thought it was a female, but never confirmed.
  4. RTCfan86

    Water too dark?

    Is there such a thing as too much tannins, or too dark of water? It gets better after I do a water change, but it gets pretty dark each week. I’m fine with it if the fish are ok. I did boil the wood ahead of time too.
  5. RTCfan86

    A. cacatuoides Article

    I’m taking a shot in the dark here because I see a lot of people posting some very interesting articles, but I’m curious if anyone has anything on the history of breeding A. cacatuoides? To be more specific, it’s fascinating to me looking at the comparison of wild caught fish to the “paint jobs”...
  6. RTCfan86

    15 Gallon Rescape

    Wanted to share a few pics of my newly scaped 15 gallon. I’ll be using this for breeding A. cacatuoides. I have just a female in the tank now with 3 Otocinclus. Once I get fry and they are a couple months old, I’ll move them to my 75 gallon to further grow out. Then hopefully rinse and repeat...
  7. RTCfan86

    What are these?!?

    I temporarily removed the leaf litter from my 75 gallon to catch a fish and clean all the snails off them. Shortly after, I noticed white little organisms shaped like miniature brooms climbing on the glass near the sand substrate. What are they? Are they harmful? If so, how do I get rid of...
  8. RTCfan86

    pH Stabilizing

    Starting today, I am going to begin cutting my tap water with distilled water in each water change in an effort to get and keep my pH lower in my 15 gallon tank (by reducing KH). After about a week of every other day water changes, how long will it take for the pH to stabilize and get an...
  9. RTCfan86

    Normal Male Behavior?

    When I had just 2 male a. Cacatuoides in my 75 gallon, they were always out and about together. When I added leaf litter and then 2 females, the males would chase the females around here and there, but business as usual. I now just have 1 male in the tank with the 2 females (and rasbora and...
  10. RTCfan86

    Snail Problem

    What began as 1 or 2 snails likely brought in through plants is now turning into way more than I’d like in my 75 gallon. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of them? I don’t mind a few snails here and there but I fear before long they’ll be literally everywhere. You can see a pic of just one...
  11. RTCfan86

    Maintaining Tannin Tint

    As I do my weekly water changes, the tint from the tannins release by my Mongolia leaves fades more and more. What’s the solution for maintaining the tint? I can’t see adding more leaves every water change as being sustainable...perhaps getting alder cones and changing one out every water...
  12. RTCfan86

    ID Please

    Can anyone ID this plant? It was a tiny piece of something tangled in the roots of an anubias plant I purchased. I put the string-like roots in the sand and it’s leaves are getting a little longer.
  13. RTCfan86

    Dead Female :(

    I found one of my 2 female Cacatuoides laying dead on the sand this morning after introducing to my 75 gallon with 2 males last week. I’ve noticed this one was starting to take a beating yesterday, and was very inactive. She would be hiding under a leaf and a male would find her and just start...
  14. RTCfan86

    Setup Feedback Please

    Hello again! I was able to find another giant piece of spider wood for my 75 gallon and rescaped it and did a water change last night. I put the Mongolia leaves in the tank as well last night but decided to move them to a bucket of water this morning until they sink. Please give me your feedback...
  15. RTCfan86

    Boil Leaf Litter?

    Do I boil the leaves (Magnolia) before putting them in, or just let them float until they eventually sink? I’ve seen mixed thoughts. Also, should I add alder cones as well? PH is 7.5 and I don’t have a leaf litter bed yet.
  16. RTCfan86

    Female Cacatuoides!!

    Finally found 2 today! I’ll keep them in here for a couple weeks until I get my 75 gallon a little more suitable with the 2 males in there. Magnolia leaves will be here in a few days and looking for another large piece of wood and more cover. Maybe more java moss to fill more holes?
  17. RTCfan86

    Water Changes - planted tanks

    As I add more and more plants to my sand bottom tank, I am wondering how people clean the waste off their substrates who have densely planted tanks. Currently, I’m able to hover the siphon just above the sand. But what about when the plants don’t allow it without all being moved? Trying to get...
  18. RTCfan86

    Can You Spot Any Females?

    Hi! I finally found some more Cacatuoides at a LFS and originally thought they were all males. However, after doing some more research, I have been seeing some nicely colored females. Do you spot any females in here? I did my best to take screenshots of a video I took.
  19. RTCfan86

    Multi Species

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has experimented with having more than one species of apistogramma in one tank. Would they still pair off with like species, or is the chance of hybridization too high?
  20. RTCfan86

    Mouth Stuck Open

    I noticed yesterday that one of my Cacatuoides’ mouth seems to be stuck open. She seems as active as usual, and I see her eating a few flakes today (New Life Spectrum Optimum). Any idea what could have caused this, and if it’s treatable? I have her in a 10 gallon with another female, 3 neons and...