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  1. BeastMaster

    Sexing candidi

    Lucky enough to pick up a pair of T candidi from a lfs here in Honolulu. After they have settled down in their tank, questioning if I have a pair? No aggression observed between these individuals & they share a tank w/ school of Pristella tetras & a couple of Rineloricaria. So, do I have a pair...
  2. BeastMaster

    Orlando Apisto LFS

    I’m headed for Orlando in January of next year for vacation & am wondering if anybody has any recommendations for local fish shops in the area? Any that stock Apistos? Mahalo
  3. BeastMaster

    two female trifasciata

    Aloha fm Honolulu Hawaii. My male tri harassed & killed his counterpart yesterday. This was a young pair that I’ve had for about a month. Looking for 2 females to replace. Anybody got surplus that they can part with? Mahalo!
  4. BeastMaster

    Apistos in Paradise

    12L housing pair of nijsseni 60P housing pair of trifasciata 60F housing pair borelli I've been into planted tanks for about 5 years & have accumulated 8 rimless planted tanks ranging in size from a 60P (17gal) to a 20 cube (2gal). I've decided to turn my 3 largest tanks, 60P...
  5. BeastMaster

    Territorial Displays

    Had been disappointed w/ my pics of my male trifasciata w/ flattened dorsal fin. Tricked using mirror image on side of the tank & it worked. Tried technique w/ my male borelli & got a different behavior response. Is this individual or species specific? Facing head down stationary w/ fins erect...
  6. BeastMaster

    Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii

    Hi everybody. I'm an aquarist who just last September got into planted aquariums. Always wanted to keep apistos but never had the time. The planted tank phase I'm going thru next is the perfect opportunity, don't you think! I currently have cacautoides, agassizi, borelli and trifasciata in my tanks.