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    Panduro sexing

    I just got 3 panduro today all around 1-1,5 inches. Can anyone help me sex them? https://youtube.com/shorts/G36-gtXMGw4?feature=share
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    Ph question

    I have a tank 29g tank with few beckfords pencilfish in and want to get it ready for a pair of apistos. Im still deciding what species but my lfs has some nice agassizii double red. I read online that agassizii and most apistos like ph 6-6.5 plus my pencils will most likely like that to. My...
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    Viejita Red or cacatuoides?

    Hey first time posting here, I have a 29g tank set up that I want to keep apistos and pencil fish. Im new to apistos but not new to fish keeping and have a few questions ,my store has a few species but I like these two. I was thinking 2 pairs or trio 1m and 2f of the same species What is the...