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    My fist fry!!! So excited.

    I dont know what happen to her. I separated her and she passed shortly after. Maybe since the other to started spawning they picked on her to the point of stressing her out.
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    Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Hi and welcome. This is a great place to get info. I am also new to cacatuoides. I have a male and female double red with 5 new babies. Good luck.
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    My fist fry!!! So excited.

    Today I woke up to the new mom showing her babies the aquarium. It looks like we have 5. Fingers crossed they all do well. These fish are being awesome parents.
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    My fist fry!!! So excited.

    It is with great sadness we do not have any surviving babies. I also just had to put one of the females in protective custody. Apisto drama...
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    My fist fry!!! So excited.

    Thank you will do. I can’t believe I have fry already. Love this sight lots of great info.
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    My fist fry!!! So excited.

    So about a month and a half ago I bought a male and female double red cacatuoides. The female died 3 days later all the other fish were fine. I had to ship 2 females and got them 2 weeks ago. I have my first fry hatched today. I will post pics when I can. The cave is well covered. Crossing my...
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    New to apistogramma cacatuoides

    Hi Kelvin I am a newbie to Apistos. I have a male double red and 2 females. The male and 1 of the females are bullying the other female. I started watching them today and noticed eggs. Now it makes sense. Hope all goes well for you. Wish me luck.