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    Apistogramma cruzi "Rio Mazan"

    I got these fishes from Brian few weeks ago and they are starting to show nice color recently. They look a bit different as the photos on TomC's website. http://apisto.sites.no/fish.aspx?fishIndexID=2287&gruppeID=1 Maybe they are still too young to identify?
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    Question about wild apistogramma atahualpa. (Help!!)

    Hi all, I have questions regarding to the lost of apistogramma atahualpa I recently got. I got three 6 wild of them last Friday and lost 2 female in two days. (It seems I will lost 3rd female today) They looks fine when they arrive, and I put them into their own tanks carefully. My ph is about...
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    N. America WTB : Pelvicachromis rubrolabiatus "Dikiya" - Female

    Hi, I am looking for female Pel. rubrolabiatus "Dikiya". Please let me know if anyone of you have them. (Either WC or F ) Thanks, Yu-Cheng
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    N. America WTB Female Muia..

    I am looking for one female Muia... I live in San Francisco area. Let me know if anyone have one. [email protected] Thanks,