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    Apistogramma trifasciata aggression.

    Hello! I recently acquired a pair of apistogramma trifasciata for my 20 gallon tank. They were supposedly a breeding pair, but I've had them in my tank for about a week now and the male goes after the female and nips at her whenever he gets close. She spends her time on the opposite side of the...
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    Hello! New here! I have a 20g with nannacara anomala, and I LOVE it!

    My name is Kate, and I live in Canada. I've been keeping fish for about 5 years, but only had enough room for a small tank until recently. When I got my 20g, after much much research, I decided to delve into dwarf cichlids and I have not been disappointed! I have nannacara anomala, and I adore...
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    Nannacara anomala aggression! Advice needed.

    Hi all! I am new here. I've had a 20 gallon for the past couple of years with a male nannacara anomala, and a group of endlers. When I bought my first nannacara, he was all alone and was being bullied by a betta at my local fish store, so I took him home. However, despite constant searching over...