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  1. blucenere

    Buying pair Apistogramma borellii opal (red mask) in Germany-Stuttgart

    Hello, i am looking for a pair of Apistogramma borellii opal (red mask) in Germany, region Stuttgart. I would like to see a pic of the fishes or if too young, of the parents. Thank you :)
  2. blucenere

    60l - getting ready for my apistos!

    The aquarium is almost ready. It has a capacity of 60l and the current guests are: Flora: Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' Ceratopteris thalictroides Echinodorus 'Reni' Helanthium tenellum "parvulum" Heteranthera zosterifolia Hydrocotyle leucocephala Hygrophila costata Lilaeopsis brasiliensis...
  3. blucenere

    making your own apistogramma food?

    Hi everybody, i wanted to ask you if you make your own fish food and if you feel like sharing your recipe (excluding live food)
  4. blucenere

    Black background: risk of mirror effect?

    Hello, i am starting a new tank and i would like to use a black background. But I am a bit worried about a mirror effect causing stress to the apistos ("enemy" to fight) Does anyone have experience about that?
  5. blucenere

    Melanoides tuberculata, eggs eaters?

    Hello everybody, i read recently about the malaysian trumpet snails Melanoides tuberculata (i cannot remember the website), that they can eat Apistos eggs during their night raids Has any of you experience about that? I am interested in keeping them because of their healty tendency to move the...
  6. blucenere

    Help with identification Apistogramma borellii e trifasciata

    Hi everybody, I would like to understand if: Apistogramma borellii Opal is the same of Apistogramma borellii Red Mask and if: Apistogramma trifasciata blue (A204?) is the same of Apitogramma trifasciata Pantanal. Unfortunately the info on internet are discording :(
  7. blucenere

    Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis care & personality, any info?

    Hi everybody, i am interested in keeping a trio of Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis. It hit me the fact that they are the smallest dwarf cichlids (do you have other experiences?), with the male around 4,5cm and the female 3cm. The info about them are really few...
  8. blucenere

    hi everybody

    Hi everybody, I am Sergio, i come from Sicily but i live in Germany and i love dwarf cichlids (i think the most beautiful are the striped females...). I am currently starting a 60*30 cm tank, 63L (sorry but i use only International System of Units). I am following Walstad method with a dry...