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  1. Captain Jim

    Raising young stock L. Dorseiger

    A couple weeks ago I bought a few half inch "juvies" of L. Dorseiger (Red Breasted Acara)..they seem to be doing pretty well, but tend to pick at the flake and pellet food I use..any suggestions for optimum feeding?
  2. Captain Jim

    Buying Looking for A. Borrelli

    Would like to buy nice preferably blue, maybe blue/yellow A. Borelli. Either trio, pair or juvies. I'm in Florida, USA
  3. Captain Jim

    Are they for real?

    Would like to find genuine H. Cristatus jewels..Want to buy.
  4. Captain Jim

    Southern dwarves

    I'm interested in dwarve cichlids here in Florida. Friend has a couple of what I think are A. Tefe..after doin g research, I found adults pretty attractive. Anyone selling tefe fry? Or possibly A. borelli? Thanks, Jim
  5. Captain Jim

    Six a crowd?

    Got a tank with four german blue rams, and two bolivians. Put all six together in a 33 long tank. There for 24 hours or so..still a lot of fussing and temper. My question is this tank really too little, or do the Germans just want the Bolivians gone,..antisocially speaking?
  6. Captain Jim

    Another novice

    My name is Jim..I'm in Florida, USA. I bought a used tank with GB. rams and a pair of Bolivian rams. I see there is some activity in "Other South American Dwarves" about these fish, and will need some help keeping properly..I joined this forum some time ago to learn about apistos,but came to...
  7. Captain Jim

    Ro unit, Rodi unit, how many stages

    Seriously impatient to get info on what unit neccesary to keep soft water apistos happy, healthy and willing to spawn. Research shows 2-stage to 6-stage with deionization and without; $125 to $500... I would like to be able to maintain two 55 gallon gallon ecos(or two 29's and a 55). I say...
  8. Captain Jim

    Hard water problems--

    Hello all, new here and trying to acclimate to apistos and "soft water fish." My water seems to be 7.6 to 8. I'm having a bad time reading the chart for API's chem drop chart. This ph is too high I see from researching most of the dwarfs I like. Bought API Proper PH 6.5 product yesterday and...