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  1. drudnick

    In Connecticut lookng for Incas

    I have been out of the game for about a year, but looking to get a pair or trio of Incas wthin the next month or so. If anyone in CT has some great, if i need to have them shipped, I can do that also. Thanks for any help
  2. drudnick

    Always interesting watching parenting

    Every pair of Apistos I ever had breed the female has always raised the babies, while the male is banished to the other side of the tank hiding. Until now... I have a wild pair of Inkas and they have spawned. My tank is battling some algae so I couldnt see too well into the back where the...
  3. drudnick

    Easiest way to get rid of algae

    I am dealing with a planted tank for the 1st time really. I am now dealing with a cloudy green tank. I dealt with this in the past in a different tank, and I was never really able to rid myself of it until I just completely emptied it and started over... I have been keeping the lights out...
  4. drudnick

    My male Aggie

  5. drudnick

    You still alive?

    Whats up man... You still around? What you got extra lyin around these days...
  6. drudnick

    Im a proud papa again...

    Its been awhile, but I bought a pair of wild gibbiceps on Mon. My water is alittle cloudy and female wasnt yellow, but I noticed her in serious guard mode, and male hiding in plant all day. So I did a WC and checked under a half broken piece of pot, and sure enough its littered with about...
  7. drudnick

    My elizabethae

    Here are 2 pics of my elizas. Im having hard time taking a good pic, as I am not the worlds best photographer. Hope to get better ones soon.
  8. drudnick


    Ok, one more question here since I dont think I can trust my LFS for info. What plecos would be good for PH of 5-5.5? I asked my LFS as they had a gold nugget, gold heterdon vampire(think thats name) or a blue phantom (green with yellow spots) that I was interested in. But they said none...
  9. drudnick

    Alittle help

    My elizas came in yesterday, and its been 24 hours and they are pretty grey. I can see they have the potential to be nice with alot of blues and reds, however, the grey is overpowering everything. Just wondering if its stress still from shipping, or if its my water etc. Anyone have any...
  10. drudnick

    Good schoolers for elizas

    I have some elizas coming tomorrow, and I am curious what some of the options are to keep with them. The PH is down in the 5.2-5.5 range (may need to go lower for breeding). Store I am having them shipped from mentioned cardinals or rummy noses. But I was wondering what else might be...
  11. drudnick

    proper PH lowering

    I have purchased a breeding pair of wild elizas today, for delivery on Wed. My PH is 6.3, but was told to get these little critters to breed, I needed to be in the 4's. So whats the best, safest, and most consistant way to lower and maintain a PH that low Thanks Dave
  12. drudnick

    Resetting up a tank

    I am resetting up a tank, and have switched to using sand vs gravel. Never used sand before. So my question is, while I am waiting for it to settle should I be running the filter or should i wait for everything to settle and become clear again, and then start the filter again.
  13. drudnick

    Best substrate for apistos...

    I am moving, so I will be taking down my tank, and would like to switch from the regular gravel I got to something alittle better suited for apistos. Can anyone recommend a particular name and brand to use. Not a planted tank. Thanks
  14. drudnick

    Egg color question.

    I am on my 3rd and 4th spawns of Apistogramma Incas. First 3 were with 1 female on the younger side. The newest one which was laid today is from a more recently acquired female who is older. The eggs from 1st female were always a clear to greyish color and all have hatched with great hatch...
  15. drudnick

    My new pair of Incas...

    Finally got a real camera, and was able to get a good shot of my new pair of Incas while male was courting female. Already one spawn ready to hatch with other female. Hopefully this one is next. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f124/chillininri/Inca_pair.jpg
  16. drudnick

    Looking for a pic of...

    Red Zebra Badis. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one...?
  17. drudnick

    Pretradeverification: Viejita or Macmasterii

    I bought these as Viejitas, but wanna make sure thats what they are. Can someone verify for me? Pic of female is good, but male is skiddish, so hard to get good shot. Hope its good enough Female http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f124/chillininri/FemaleViejita.jpg Male...
  18. drudnick

    Help with diagnosis

    Ok, tonight I decided to switch the gravel in my trifasciata tank to a darker gravel. I took most of the orginal gravel out, and then put new rinsed gravel in over what I couldnt get out. The water had debris that seemed to get stirred up from the gravel being disturbed. I did a water change...
  19. drudnick

    Help with fry food...

    Hello Is there any food out there, that I dont have to hatch myself that is good for apisto fry. And that they will actually eat? I tried feeding my inca fry frozen BBS and they wouldnt eat it and ultimately all starved, while my krib fry ate it and are still growing. I am now on my second...
  20. drudnick

    FINALLY, wild bitaenatia babies

    I have been waiting for months, and I came home this weekend to a small clutch. It is their first spawn, so theres only about 10 wigglers. But I am so excited to finally get some babies from this pair. Here is the male, dont have good female pic...