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  1. apistomania

    A question about Black Rams commercial names

    What would you call that Ram (commercially)? it seems to have some black genes, but nowhere near the pitch-blackness that some show. Together with him, in the same shipment, there were others much darker, but smaller, maybe stunted fish which I presumed that can be correlated (more black - a...
  2. apistomania

    Help with ID (apistogramma mendezi? paucisquamis?)

    These arrived at the local fish store with no identification. I'm wondering if any of you guys can ID them. Seems to be all males to me. My guess was mendezi, but maybe paucisquamis? something else? What do you think? location unknown but certainly Brazilian
  3. apistomania

    Help with apistogramma Identification

    Despite my username, which seemed appropriate, I am totally new to apistos! but dedicated and I'm loving to read all I can about it. This two were given to me free, not having identification at the store they were in, and I could not resist the kind offer. I hope you guys can help me with both...
  4. apistomania

    dither fish question for Dicrossus filamentosus

    Here is my doubts about a situation with dither fish I'm new and enjoying very much the ride to the world of south american dwarf cichlids! I recently started a project with a pair of Dicrossus filamentosus. My intention is breeding, to be able to see the full spectrum of behaviors the fish can...