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    Female or male

    How old is specimen? Appears juvenile to me in pictures. may be too early to tell or a tertiary male.
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    Koslowski book(s) & translation

    Mike, with a proper translation program anyone can read anything any more. That does not mean they will understand it, but; they can read it. Larry
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    A. Cacatuoides Begginer Questions

    Paul Very few characters make good dither for apistogramma. They are in the same family as piranha which should say all that is needed. Most also hold in the bottom two thirds of the tank generating more exposure for apisto fry. I prefer to use topminnows and for the larger apistos Hatchets...
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    Ammonia burns?

    Do not put too much stock in the size of fry in pictures unless they are fry from the same strain of the same species and parents of like size to yours. Some fish, including apistos, will breed young. Young breeders tend to produce smaller eggs which in turn produce smaller fry. Smaller fry...
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    A. Cacatuoides Begginer Questions

    All pencilfish are predators that primarily feed in the lower waters of the tank where your fry will be exposed. You will also find that all characins will take fry that are small enough for them to eat.
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    Need Species ID and sexing

    Be sure to sanitize river rock before adding it to tank. If you do not you could introduce parasites and infections from North America that your South American cichlids have no immunity to.
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    Ammonia burns?

    Overfeeding is a far too common problem in fry tanks. It is the result of not having a clear understanding of the biology of your fish fry. So here are some facts for you to chew on. Properly fed your fry ar going to double their size three times in th first two weeks. To double their size...
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    Advice about cycling and plants please

    Darrel is correct, I never add any chemicals to a new tank. To start a new tank today I would set it up the way I wanted to leave it, with all plants and driftwood and rockwork, fill it with clean water, set up the filter with a used cartridge from an old filter, and turn it on. Over the...
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    A. Cacatuoides Begginer Questions

    For cleanup I would go with pygmy cories, for dithers I use clean feeder guppies. Guppies tend to feed inn the upper reaches so they don't upset the apistos. They are dirt cheap so if the apistos decide to take a few out you have not lost anything. And they are not aggressive enough to...
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    A. Cacatuoides Begginer Questions

    I prefer to harem breed most apistos but a twenty, any twenty, is not bigg enough. A tank at least four feet long will service far better. Lately I have been moved toward four foot seventy gallon tanks and only filling them two thirds full. The shallower water helps prevent jumpers, helps...
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    Need Species ID and sexing

    With the apistos usually a female that colors up male still does not have the points on the fins so I would say the fish is definitely male. Cannot id species from photos but in several of the photos the fish appears stressed and that will cause washed out colors. Tank looks impressive but for...
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    Water Flow Issue?

    You can answer your question with a bottle of food coloring. Put a couple drops in the corner of the tank and see how it flows, repeat process for all four corners and repeat process. Plants and filter will disapate food coloring.
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    Moving tank to an new place

    pour the water from the filter into a plastic tote, take the trays from the filter and put them in the bottom of the tote, pour any loose substrate from the filter in the tote and cover the tote, rinse the filter with tank water and clean while you have it apart and put it in a separate tote...
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    Dr Oto

    Otocinclus diets regularly include various algaes, scavaged dead fish; there appears to be adherance to eating the bacteria and rotted slime from the surface; and various fungi. Some insect larvae and slime molds are also occasionally on the menu.
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    Sick cory?

    I would concur with the eggbound diagnosis. Your female hastatus is significantly larger than the males and should be easily recognized. Males also tend to appear straight sided from above where females tend to be rounded when mature. A ratio of three males per female works better for...
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    I would guess that the fish in the ...256 jpg is a subadult male. He appears to be starting to...

    I would guess that the fish in the ...256 jpg is a subadult male. He appears to be starting to color and the last three rays of the dorsal have started to extend. The other fish may be female or may be slightly "younger" than the first. There does appear to be a slight lengthening of this...
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    Calm Water Vs Moving Water

    Along with what Sigi said most people do not understand the mechanics of a flowing stream or river. We will start blowing your mind by tetting you that a good percentage of the water flows upstream at some point in the watercourse. Eddy currents caused by various obsacles in the watercourse...
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    Two males?

    When your new tank arrives do a water change. Take half the water from the old tank and put it in the new tank then fill both tanks with clean water. Take the filter media out of the old filter and squeeze it into the new filter then return the media to the old filter. This will innoculate...