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  1. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma purchase advice

    Since this is a community tank, I personally would only keep males.
  2. Mike Wise

    500L/125gal Stocking ideas

    Plecos and breeding apistos do not mix well at all. You already know my opinion of community breeding.
  3. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma purchase advice

    You asked for an opinion. My opinion is a community tank is not a breeding tank. I do not mix breeding groups.
  4. Mike Wise

    900L Rio Nanay Biotope Species

    My good friend TomC wrote me that I was WRONG (kind of) with my reply about the distribution of Dicrossus species. D. filamentosa and D. gladacauda are found in the upper Rio Orinoco systems of Colombia and Venezuela, too. Still, no Dicrossus species occur in the Rio Nanay in Peru. My guess is...
  5. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma Macmasteri advice please

    Truly sorry for your loss. Personally I would just keep the male and not add another female. He will be fine without a female. Also with corys, pleco, and an assertive group of tetras like emporers, there is little chance of successful reproduction of the apistos.
  6. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma Macmasteri advice please

    Your tank looks better than any of mine. Feeding is fine, except that I would avoid tubifex in any way. The only thing I can say is that apisto are, as a general rule, not very fond of dry food. I imagine, if your macs are like my apistos, ignore most processed food. I personally would switch...
  7. Mike Wise

    900L Rio Nanay Biotope Species

    FYI, all Dicrossus species are found only in Brazil, from the Rio Tefé to Rio Tapajós. My guess is that you saw an old reference to a species from Peru, but this is wrong. The species discussed is Dicrossus foirni from the Rio Negro.
  8. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma Macmasteri advice please

    A. macmasteri is an apisto that I consider "casually polygamous". This means that males, when they have no other distractions, will breed with multiple females. Otherwise they are normally good with just 1 female. Something in the tank or maintenance of the fish is not conducive for some reason...
  9. Mike Wise

    Ph always drops

    Well, I think that is a bit dogmatic (really, no pun intended). Regular water changes? Definitely! How often and how much really depends on many factors: fish/plant density, tank volume, feeding regimine, etc. Many hobbyist find that once every week or 2 is sufficient to keep their fish healthy...
  10. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma erythrura

    The fish in the middle is a male. I have never seen a female with a red caudal. Remove the corys; they are a distraction.
  11. Mike Wise

    Best temperature for Apistogramma borellii “Opal”?

    You need to find a copy of the following publication: Römer & Beißenherz, 1996, Environmental determination of sex in Apistogrammai (Cichlidae) and two other freshwater fishes (Teleostei), J. Fish Biol. 48(4): 714-725. or do a search on sex determination at this site.
  12. Mike Wise

    Juvenile borelli opal sexing help needed

    Juvenile males and females look pretty much the same. Only time will tell.
  13. Mike Wise

    Ph always drops

    I'm afraid these numbers mean nothing without knowing in which units they belong (ppm TDS; °DH; µS/cm). Some would indicate moderately soft water and others indicate 'liquid cement'. My guess is that your fish do not have fungus, but are excreting excess body slime as a protective coating. I...
  14. Mike Wise

    Is a 5 gallon tank too small for a pair of borelli

    The only apisto species that I can think might work is A. wapisana (Balzfleck). This species is small (neon tetra size), relatively peaceful ... and rather ughly I admit.
  15. Mike Wise

    I did it….

    Maybe not 10 years ago but 30 years ago it was definitely easier to find odd apisto contaminants in wild imports. That is where I got species like pink A. eunotus (Shahuayo), A. wapisana and A. sp. Schwanzzipfel. More wildcaught "mixed apistos" also were available especially from Brazil and...
  16. Mike Wise

    How Many Apistogramma In 200L?

    The first question you need to ask yourself is if you want to try breeding apistos in this tank or is it just a community. If a community, then it should be ok if all species are relatively non-aggressive. If you ever want to breed your apistos, then this is one of the worse combinations of fish...
  17. Mike Wise

    A. agassizii Spawning Behavior

    Yes, it is possible, but it is just as possible that it is a young male 1½" males look much like females. I suggest some patience. You should know if it is a male or not in a month or 2.
  18. Mike Wise

    Borellii Opal?

    Opals have a lot of red markings on the face. Still you have a beautiful fish.
  19. Mike Wise

    45 gallons A. Cacatuoide w/ Pearl Gouramis & Corydoras

    Try what you want. If something goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame. All I did was just give you my 45+ years of experience keeping all sorts of dwarf cichlids.
  20. Mike Wise

    Treating dropsy ?

    I'm sorry if I appear heartless, but it seems you have spent a lot of money on trying to save this fish, with no apparent success. You might consider it time to "put it out of its misery".