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    Female or male?

    Is this the right section for requesting help with sexing? Short version: is this a. cacatuoides super red a female? I was told she's a super red at least, she's always been more orange. Edited to add - size the female(?) Is approx 1.5 to 1.75 inches. Bought as part of a male/female pair...
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    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    The juvenile pair of cacatuoides I bought two weeks ago decided to spawn in their quarantine tank. They are still young, so time will tell how they manage the whole parenting thing on this first go around. I am excited none the less. I was not expecting a spawn so soon. I have dried cyclops...
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    I am new to breeding apistos and to fishI bought 3 juveniles and one adult male cacatuoides at the lfs, that all came from the same breeder. I figure it's safe to assume that the juveniles are siblings and the adult may be related as well. The dominant juvie male and the female seem to have...
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    What makes an apisto worth breeding?

    Good dog breeders and horse breeders look at gait, color, conformation and temperment. Cattle breeders look at milk production and meat quality. What makes an apistogramma a good representative of the species? I have a. cacatuoides and a. macmasteri to be specific. How do I judge if the fish...
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    My Obligatory Newbie Intro

    Hey all! I have been keeping fish for a few years now but only got seriously into it last fall. MTS is real so I now have a 29g, three 20g's, a 10g and a 5g. My first love/gateway drug was corydoras and live plants. I also have danios, banjo catfish, kuhli loaches, bristlenose plecos, among...
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    Is This Safe? Large male, small female?

    Hi all, this is my first post. I'll do an intro soon. Just got home from the lfs with a much much larger than expected male cacatuoides. I also bought 3 juveniles, 2 females and a male. When they called to tell me the fish had come in, I had planned on quarantining them all in the same tank...