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  1. MacZ

    New to apistogramma cacatuoides

    A. cacatuoides do not form mated pairs. The males sometimes help with raising fry, sometimes they don't and then the females tend to chase them away seeing them as a risk to the fry. Also they don't give birth, they lay eggs. Got a second tank you can move the male to?
  2. MacZ

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    Just to clarify: Peat moss is still green, living moss of the genus Sphagnum. In the early stages of decomposition it can also be called that. But what you need for water parameters is actual peat. The brown stuff you sometimes get as pellets (e.g. by Eheim or Fluval). It would be ideal to take...
  3. MacZ

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    I have several comments: The water: I also only use leaf litter and alder cones... And 95% RO. Actually 99%, I only add a liter of tap about once every 3 weeks or so. As long as you have readings for KH, botanicals will not move your pH further than to 6.5, maybe closer to 6 after some months...
  4. MacZ

    Apistogramma purchase advice

    There are too many factors to answer your question with an "a or b" and provided the conditions are generally good to perfect it comes down to your taste. I'd probably only get a trio 1m/2f. Minimizes problems. And before you ask, I agree with Mike otherwise.
  5. MacZ

    Sick Apisto?

    Looks like mouth rot and the stringy white poop points to inner parasites. So at least inner parasites and a bacterial infection. I would probably put the fish down. As it seems the upper jaw is basically gone, so the fish will likely starve. As it is very likely that the parasites have spread...
  6. MacZ

    Mystery Rasbora, they sold me the wrong species.

    They are one of the exceptions.
  7. MacZ

    Mystery Rasbora, they sold me the wrong species.

    It's not a rasbora. It's a Silvertip Tetra (Hasemania nana). They are undemanding little tetras, don't grow bigger than 4-5cm and unless you are trying to breed dwarf cichlids in the tank are not going to be any trouble.
  8. MacZ

    Spirulina enhanced brine shrimp

    Not really. My frozen is without spirulina, my self-hatched are fed spirulina. But all fish eat both regularly. I attributed any positive development to feeding live brine shrimp most of the time now instead of frozen. But that could actually be part of what makes the difference. Anyhow the...
  9. MacZ

    900L Rio Nanay Biotope Species

    What units are the numbers? Millimeters? So 120x120cm is the footprint, right? If correctly structured you can keep half a dozen Apistos (make sure it's just one species) in that tank easily, maybe a few more. I would rather go low numbers as you have some other bottomdwellers (Corydoras) on...
  10. MacZ

    Best temperature for Apistogramma borellii “Opal”?

    For licorice gourami I would go full blackwater and even lower pH than almost anything from South America would require. A. borellii are not a blackwater species though, so this could go wrong for them.
  11. MacZ

    Apistogramma opal Borelli

    I guess >> this thread << will be helpful to you.
  12. MacZ

    Macmasteri Color Change

    Besides the fact that many Apistogramma have several colourations, everchanging "in flux", depending on mood or status, the substrate and background also influence the colouration. Dark backgrounds make the fish keep a darker colouration, brighter backgrounds a lighter coloration. This is quite...
  13. MacZ

    Dropsy or bloat

    I noticed some species of snails thrived in that, some didn't. I had some bladder snails going nuts for a short time, then dying off, though there was leaf litter all about. The two Neritina I had for a while instead munched on that stuff, but seemed lethargic, until I moved them to a completely...
  14. MacZ

    Dropsy or bloat

    Usually I would ask for water (quality and parameters), maintenance schedule, stocking, feeding, recent (3 months) changes and a picture of the whole tank and the affected fish. Have something similar with my A. hongsloi. The grey shadow can be either an injury, glaucoma, chronic gill flukes or...
  15. MacZ

    Dropsy or bloat

    That's quite little info. On other forums I would ask you to fill out something like a disease / emergency template. Too many variables from what you are saying.
  16. MacZ

    Ph always drops

    Today often the best way to make a new betta necessary within a few weeks.
  17. MacZ

    Ph always drops

    Mike, I am shocked! If it's explicitly GH and KH and the numbers are over 20 it can almost only be ppm (mg/l). ;) I have no words. Any fish that could have swam into the stream of that solution could have died. Bettas are nowerdays even more finnicky than Apistos. And even less forgiving when...
  18. MacZ

    Ph always drops

    Please don't take this the wrong way: You might want to take a hiatus from the aquarium hobby and especially from Apistogramma until you have more time for this. I already see more problems than I can address in a forum post. But my comments in short: 50% is advised Slow growing, easy plants...
  19. MacZ

    Ph always drops

    Possibly you are too proactive. The KH level is too high for the pH to be significantly affected by driftwood or leaf litter. Also one still open question: What substrate do you use? New questions: What is your waterchange schedule? Do you inject CO2? How densely is the tank planted? Is it...
  20. MacZ

    Ph always drops

    How about some info, eh? What substrate do you have? What is your GH/KH? (The latter is especially important!) What are ther parameters from the tap? Can you post a picture of the tank? Please, as you say yourself you're a student: Study! Read up on the relationship of pH, KH and CO2, the...