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    Welcome to the sight AJE.
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    Pair Displaying Breeding Behaviour?

    Foe tank raised your pH should work, I run mine lower but it comes from tap at 6.5 +_ most days. Give it some time, have you tried live/frozen food.
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    Harem in 120 gallon 4ftx2ft

    I would not toss the drift wood, soak it a good strong bleach solution then rinse very well, toss it somewhere to dry for a month or two.
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    Every batch I have of apisto's, kribs or angles, I get runts, I cull the ones that dont make it and move on. As far as if they will produce young of normal size I have no idea.
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    Baby Cacatuoides - how can i save them ?

    Sometimes I will use a camera and take a pict. of the fry that way you can count them.
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    New to apistos, looking forward to being a part of this forum :)

    Welcome to the sight, can you post pict. of them?
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    Apistos and Ember Tetras

    I have embers tetra's and apisto's together and have never had any problems.
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    Apisto. Cacatuoides fry disaster :(

    Welcome to the sight Jose, I use smaller tanks for breeding but I remove the male/all fish from the tank as soon as I see fry brought out, and let the female tend to them. in a tank that small I rarely ever see a pair that is compatible and if you do the next batch of egg's I've seen them do a...
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    Water too dark?

    It grows nice in my soft water.
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    Cacatuoides fry

    What size tank? I have a pair in a 30 gl. and still have the last batch plus the new batch she brought out about a week ago, like yours, mine are in there own breeding tank.
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    Sexing Nijsseni

    Sounds like he's ready to breed again, do you have another tank to use as a grow out tank for the fry?
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    Sold as Sunset and I don't know if they are both males... Maybe..

    The second one looks like my male Bit. I had. The first one maybe the start of a lyre tail?
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    New Pair. Can I add a second female?

    Myself, I would return the one with problems and get another female, can you set a tank up for just her?
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    First Time Owner Mistake... any thoughts ?

    Welcome to sight tarmer, I use a homemade snail trap with pretty good results.
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    best apistogramma for 15 gallon

    Borellii, would be my pick also.
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    Apisto Drama - Double Red Cockatoo Pair

    Once the eggs are laid and fertilized try removing the male to another tank and see if she still eats them or tries to raise them. The only apisto's I've ever had that did that was a pair of Borellii and she only let him do it once, after that she was hell on wheels.
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    Male or female?

    I dont think that's it, I dont know what it is, the sight doesn't seem to be as active as it use to be.
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    Cacatuoides ID and sexing help

    All my males have that orange spot, but he is to dark to compare to the ones I have. I like the wc or wild form myself.