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    Apisto sp. Tefe A243

    I am looking for some females for this male. i would even be interested in trios or pairs if available. I am in Pittsburgh, PA USA.
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    need a little help with ID

    A little help please. All 4 photos are of the same fish. They were being sold as A. jurensis.
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    Mike Wise to speak in Pittsburgh in March 2012

    Great news from Pittsburgh Pa (GPASI http://www.gpasi.org/ )! Our club is proud to announce that our Apistogramma.com Administrator Mike Wise will be giving a talk on "Breeding Apistogramma for fun ... and profit?" … and anything else you want to talk about! 7pm Friday March 23rd, 2012 . Please...
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    Apisto. sp. Tefe breeding set up

    A friend of mine picked up a pair of A. sp. Tefe. He would like to set them up to breed. I have never owned this particular species. So, I have no first hand information to give him. We are looking for a little help with this one. Here are the parameters of the tank he has them in...
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    where to find Apisto complex breakdowns

    I am looking for the most up to date and complete breakdown of all the Apistogramma complexes and groups? For example; Which fish would be contained within the pertensis group or iniridae group? Where is the best place to find such information in detail? Thanks Wally
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    black faced then death

    Does anyone know what causes fish to catch this disease? The fish in question here is an A. hongsloi. Half of the fish's face turned black, the rest the fish lost most of its other colorations. It began swimming in circles or death rolls and subsequently died the following day. Is there an...
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    Value of Microworms

    With the talk and suggestions of live food recently. No one has mentioned Microworms. They are easy to produce, feed and small enough to feed fry. However, does anyone know what kind of nutritional values this food source has?
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    Apisto wilhelmi

    These were the best 2 shots I could get of the male. They are painfully shy.
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    Apisto. rupununi eggs

    Just an easy picture of A. rupununi eggs. Wally
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    Breeding Nannacara anomala

    Breeding Nannacara anomala or in my case not breeding N anomala. I have heard they are easy to breed(add a male add a female and water and you have babies). This not working for me. The set up is a 20 gal. high with a glass cover. Filtration is an ATI Hydro-sponge filter. Decor is...
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    Is it A. alacrina

    This male is the only survivor of 2 pairs brought back from Europe this summer. Is it A. alacrina?
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    I Need Two

    I Looking for 2 Kribs and Apisto species: Pelvicachromis sp. Blue fin male Pelvicachromis signatus males Apistogramma macmasteri females Apistogramma alcarina female I will purchase or trade to obtain these fish.
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    A. rupununi vs. A. hippolytae

    I have aquired a group of each, from separate sources. The books and internet photos are apparently unreliable. I can not tell where one fish begins and one ends. I swear they are using the same fish to describe both species. What subtle differences should I look for? Wally