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  1. hedylogus

    Large Tank Filtration

    so my fishroom is comprised mostly of the 20 gal variety (give or take 10 gallons). as luck would have it though, i recently acquired a much larger tank (4' x 2' x 2'). while i'm pretty excited about the possibilities, i'm undecided about the filtration. my gut says stick with sponges, but...
  2. hedylogus

    Java Fern - Nitrate Levels

    those of you that have lush java fern, what is the nitrate level in your tank? i've never been a java fern fan, but recently decided to give it another try. i'm starting to wonder if weekly water changes are counter productive to healthy ferns. thanks.
  3. hedylogus

    What's New?

    Josh, when i click on "what's new", i see an unread message under "husbandry/breeding".....but when i click on "forums" to view everything, there is no "husbandry/breeding" section, thus no indication of any unread messages. did we lose a section in the switch?
  4. hedylogus

    mark as unread

    josh, nevermind on the account.....got it working. original change of email confirmation got sent to spam. is there a way to implement "mark as unread" functionality?
  5. hedylogus

    Medication Choices

    I want to have a couple broad spectrum medications on hand....just in case. From your experience, which medication is best for the following general diseases: Parasitic? Fungal? Protozoan? Bacteria? Thanks Matt
  6. hedylogus

    Differing Water Parameters

    I have 2 tanks: a 20 long and a 30 gallon. Both are exactly the same except on 2 accounts. 1) the 30 has a piece of driftwood that the 20L does not; and 2) the 30 is filtered by a TetraTec PF, while the 20L has a Whisper PF. The water parameters are as such: TAP: pH 7.0, 2KH, 8GH 30g...
  7. hedylogus

    Explain This One!

    Check this out. I buy some apistos from the LFS. I take 'em home and slowly acclimate them to my tank via a slow drip (which seems to be the preferred method from what I can gather) in order to prevent shocking the fish and possibly losing them due to a large ph/hardess/temperature change...
  8. hedylogus

    GH or KH

    I have several books on fish keeping, and maybe not surprisingly, their information doesn't always agree. One example would be the subject of water hardness. In your experience, which component of water hardness is more important to successful fish keeping/breeding?.......and why? Thanks...
  9. hedylogus

    Quarantine Tank Specs

    i'm setting up a qt and i'm looking for some input. what size tank? quarantine for how long? what medications? salt? if so, how much? food? water chemistry? ....and anything else that might be helpful. thanks matt