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  1. hedylogus

    Aussie Dwarf Cichlid/Biotope Communities online?

    Nooooooooooooo! :( One of the advantages (in my opinion) of the default layout is that is very compact......making it easier to read. Additions to the profile stamp increase vertical space. My recommendation: leave at least one layout untouched (no additions).....although I'm all for...
  2. hedylogus

    Different styles of keeping apistos. US vs Asian

    delete ">" from the end of the link.
  3. hedylogus

    mark as unread

    i see the "mark forums read" option.......but nothing for flagging them or marking them as un-read. i'm using the default style layout........maybe that's it. oh well.
  4. hedylogus

    Large Tank Filtration

    funny, i was thinking/wondering the same thing. i assume you have kept casuarius........i'm aware of their natural habitat, but i'm curious if you noticed any detrimental effect on their behavior/health/reproduction due to low flow environments. i've always had a soft spot for canister...
  5. hedylogus

    mark as unread

    josh, seems the new software doesn't have this feature either. were you able to find any mods/plugins that allow marking a thread (in some manner) for future reference? i thought "watched threads" might work, but threads don't show unless there are unread messages. would help for individuals...
  6. hedylogus

    Large Tank Filtration

    so my fishroom is comprised mostly of the 20 gal variety (give or take 10 gallons). as luck would have it though, i recently acquired a much larger tank (4' x 2' x 2'). while i'm pretty excited about the possibilities, i'm undecided about the filtration. my gut says stick with sponges, but...
  7. hedylogus

    Aspidoras sp. ID

    you may also want to try Ian Fuller at CorydorasWorld.com.........he has been maintaining the C-numbers since DATZ quit doing it.
  8. hedylogus

    Diagnosis Please

    i can't really say much either based on the pic, but if you have a spare hospital tank you could try a low-dose antibiotic (ie, tetracycline) or general purpose bacterial infection medication (ie, melafix).
  9. hedylogus

    Java Fern - Nitrate Levels

    hmmm.......how much light (watts/gallon.....or litre) do they get?
  10. hedylogus

    Java Fern - Nitrate Levels

    those of you that have lush java fern, what is the nitrate level in your tank? i've never been a java fern fan, but recently decided to give it another try. i'm starting to wonder if weekly water changes are counter productive to healthy ferns. thanks.
  11. hedylogus

    Generalist fish keeper looking to get better with soft water dwarf cichlids.

    sounds like you are referring to the efficiency of the actual ro membrane itself with respect to removing impurities, whereas i'm referring to the efficiency of the ro system as whole with respect to the creation of ro water vs waste water. i agree with your point.
  12. hedylogus

    Fish not eating

    never heard that. unfortunately, my tub of water outside only generates enough for feedings roughly every other week. would love to feed more given its simplicity.
  13. hedylogus

    Generalist fish keeper looking to get better with soft water dwarf cichlids.

    my understanding is that the permeability differs (perhaps due to a difference in size, but I'm not really sure)
  14. hedylogus

    Generalist fish keeper looking to get better with soft water dwarf cichlids.

    just remember, based on your layout above, you'll need to order a 4-stage (the 4th stage being your RO membrane).....if indeed you're looking for a RO filter. i've heard good things about buckeye......i personally ordered from bulkreefsupply. not necessarily.....based on my previous...
  15. hedylogus

    Generalist fish keeper looking to get better with soft water dwarf cichlids.

    I went thru this not long ago when I finally decided to make the plunge. My experience was that everyone had a different opinion.....so here's mine: (1) don't buy based on cost (get whatever fits your needs) (2) a 4-stage is nice...but a 3-stage works just fine (3) DI not required unless...
  16. hedylogus

    Fish not eating

    I don't know about making them more nutritious, but I do something along the lines of this guy (low maintenance):
  17. hedylogus

    Laetacara dorsigera vs. curviceps

    without DNA testing, how do we really differentiate between polychromatism and "cryptic species"? sounds like a good thesis paper to me!
  18. hedylogus


    Interesting.....care to share the gritty details? Sample size? Drip method used? Incoming and outgoing water parameters? Exact results? I tend to agree, but would like to know more.
  19. hedylogus

    SOS.....Baby Rams

    george......rumor has it that ram fry are too small for bbs. i'm curious how your fry are doing.
  20. hedylogus

    TDS Meter

    I own the HM Digital COM-100.......and would recommend it.