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    need a little help with ID

    Thanks Tom. I appreciate the help.
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    Apisto sp. Tefe A243

    I am looking for some females for this male. i would even be interested in trios or pairs if available. I am in Pittsburgh, PA USA.
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    need a little help with ID

    A little help please. All 4 photos are of the same fish. They were being sold as A. jurensis.
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    Mike Wise to speak in Pittsburgh in March 2012

    I would like to personally thank Mike for coming to Pittsburgh to give 2 outstanding & informative talks to our club ((GPASI http://www.gpasi.org/). Mike was entertaining & a wealth of knowledge. I can only hope he was not annoyed with our, especially me myself, 8 million questions that we...
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    Mike Wise to speak in Pittsburgh in March 2012

    Our March Speaker will be Mike Wise, “Breeding Apistogramma for fun ... and profit?” and the following day at Noon, (Saturday March 24) he will give a special presentation for GPASI members and friends at the North Park Lounge Clubhouse 5301 Ranalli Drive & Rt8, Gibsonia PA 15044 (724) 449-9090...
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    Mike Wise to speak in Pittsburgh in March 2012

    Great news from Pittsburgh Pa (GPASI http://www.gpasi.org/ )! Our club is proud to announce that our Apistogramma.com Administrator Mike Wise will be giving a talk on "Breeding Apistogramma for fun ... and profit?" … and anything else you want to talk about! 7pm Friday March 23rd, 2012 . Please...
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    Apisto. sp. Tefe breeding set up

    A friend of mine picked up a pair of A. sp. Tefe. He would like to set them up to breed. I have never owned this particular species. So, I have no first hand information to give him. We are looking for a little help with this one. Here are the parameters of the tank he has them in...
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    where to find Apisto complex breakdowns

    I never noticed that info at the bottom of the page at Cichlidroom Companion. The article from Mike Wise is an outstanding breakdown to ID the different Apisto's. These will be most helpful. Thanks for the great info.
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    where to find Apisto complex breakdowns

    I am looking for the most up to date and complete breakdown of all the Apistogramma complexes and groups? For example; Which fish would be contained within the pertensis group or iniridae group? Where is the best place to find such information in detail? Thanks Wally
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    A. agassizii?

    Are they always that orange through the body? I am unfamilar with this fish.
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    Stomatepia Pindu

    That is great news. You must be doing something right.
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    Stomatepia Pindu

    Here are two sites that might help. The Cichlidroom companion: http://www.cichlidae.com/ East Coast Cichlids: http://www.eastcoastcichlids.org/
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    Can i put a Paratilapia Polleni with american cichlids?

    The green terrors are the biggest problem in the tank. When they are in spawning mode they will wreak havoc in the tank. Paratilapia polleni does not exist as a name anymore, all small spot Paratilapia are being re-identified. I would use Paratilapia sp. East Coast small spot until you...
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    questions about coloration

    To my understanding foods high in beta carotenes will produce a better red coloration. Shrimps and other crustaceans are high in beta carotene. I would imagine shrimp pellets or flake may produce the same effect. It may make the reds and oranges marginally more intense. The best way would be...
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    Apistogramma alacrina red spot Rio Meta

    Do you have any pictures?
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    Apisto ID...Help

    That description does not sound like A. atahuapla. If you got them at ACA the bag should have had a seller's name and phone number on the tag it is required. Hopefully, you saved that information somewhere. At least you could contact them to verify the species. I always keep those things...
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    Apisto. baenschi

    I have seen a couple of different names. A. sp. 'Inka', A. sp. 'Inka 50', A. sp. 'Inka 500', A. sp. 'Inka Gold' are just a couple I am sure there are more. Retailers like to change names sometimes to make it sound like it is a new fish to increase sales. The identified species name is...
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    Apistogramma sp. "Putumayo"

    What would be the proper parameters for breeding A. sp. Putumayo? Would the parameters be different for A. sp. Pebas?
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    Nannacara aureocephalus "Sourourou"

    Tragedy. Eggs were gone on the third day. I did not find any wigglers or bodies. Her colors went back to regular coloration. Hopefully, this was a 1 time incident. It was their first time spawning.
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    Apistogramma sp. "Putumayo"

    This is a male A. pebes 'Putumayo'.