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  1. gerald

    D-I-Y Jar Filter

    I made this air-powered internal filter from a plastic jar (Archer Farms Peanut jar from Target), needlepoint screen, and plastic pipe. Cut the top off the jar so that the jar lid will fit inside it, drill or cut several holes in the lid, glue the lift pipe over one of the holes, cut a circle...
  2. gerald

    Genetic, Environmental & Hybrid Sex Determination

    Some good discussion at the link below on the interaction of genetic and environmental factors in determining sex in Tilapia, including hybrids with a genetically skewed balance of testosterone vs estrogen. I'm guessing it's probably relevant to Apistos and many other cichlids too. It reminded...
  3. gerald

    CO2 + Fertilizers cause kidney damage?

    Interesting article by Nathan Hill in PFK about potential long-term sub-lethal effects of elevated CO2 and ferts, especially their effects on kidneys. Soft-water dwarf Cichlids and Anabantoids do seem more prone to bloating and respiratory trouble than most of the Characoids and Cyprinids...
  4. gerald

    Happy 12th Matthew Judy !!!

    Hope you have a fun one Matt ... (Matthew and Ted were in Raleigh 2 yrs ago, where Matthew and my son Joe celebrated their 10th birthday together).
  5. gerald

    ID: some kind of Westie?

    some kind of westie ??
  6. gerald

    Aequidens metae

    OK, so Ae. metae might not be a "dwarf" per se, but this young pair is curviceps-size at present, so to me they're dwarfs at least for now. ... and I just wanted to show off their first spawn.
  7. gerald

    Behavior of sick Apistos

    The discussion about Apisto behavior in the "sleeping hours" thread reminded me of something: There is a behavior I have seen that seems to be an early indicator of internal infection in Apistos. The fish hover in one place slowly undulating the body in an eel-like motion, similar to a snake...
  8. gerald

    Black spots on wild Apistos

    Maybe those black spots are neither parasite nor melanoma (as suggested by ApistoDave in another thread) but simply a way to store excess DOPA (3,4-dihydroxy-phenylalanine). Fish make DOPA from the amino acids alanine and phenylalanine, and use it in a variety of body functions including nerve...
  9. gerald

    Raleigh NC Fish Auction Sept 25

    We would LOVE to see more Apistogramma Forum folks here ... Just 13 more days until the Raleigh Aquarium Society's annual auction on Sunday, September 25, 2011, starting at 11am, in the James Martin Building at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. It's closest to the Trinity Rd entrance...
  10. gerald

    Cichlid Color Development and Substrate

    This thread was split off from: http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/showthread.php?11585-Apistogramma-baenschi >> I'm just guessing that it can happen with Apistos. An angelfish breeder who spoke at our Raleigh aquar conference a few years back noted this phenomenon, and personally I've...
  11. gerald

    Malpulutta kretseri

    I recently found a lone female Malpulutta kretseri (Sri Lanka spotted gourami) I didn't know i still had, probably about 2 yrs old. They are rare in the hobbby and in the wild, so I would like for her to become part of someone's breeding stock, and maybe get some young back some day. Anybody...
  12. gerald

    Ca, Mg and hardness

    Soft-water fish must have super-efficient ion-uptake cells in their gills (and intestines?) to get all the Ca and Mg they need from an environment that hardly has any. Since we usually measure total hardness without distinguishing Ca from Mg, I'm wondering whether there's some acceptable range...
  13. gerald

    Attaching JPG photos

    I've tried several times (on different days) to send a post with attached photos in the Let's Talk Dicrossus thread. The "attachment manager" says it's supposed to take JPGs up to 97K, but when I try to attach a 40 KB file (from my computer) I get a message: "exceeds your quota by 30KB." I do...
  14. gerald

    Nanno. teugelsi

    Is anybody keeping/breeding N.teugelsi? I've got a lone female (from Eric & Regina Bodrock in 2009) who needs a mate. Looks basically like N. parilus but males have black spots/smudges in rear of dorsal and top of tail, more yellowish cheeks, and red on lips. I'd either like to get a male, or...