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  1. Mongbean

    Stocking help

    So I have all most finished my setup for my three foot cube tang tank. I want a community tank but was sticking with, - Brevis - julidochromis transcriptus "Gombi" But the third option I am unsure of. I was looking into Paracyprichromis nigripinnis But I am unsure I want them in my tank. I...
  2. Mongbean

    "Dehane" Pelvicachromis taeniatus advice

    Hey guys, My pair of Dehanes in my tank have both come down with an unknown disease/parasite. I have had them for 5 months now and have never had an issue with them. Recently the male started having fits and has stopped eating and is breathing rapidly. I cranked the tank to 28 deg c and added...
  3. Mongbean

    Shell dwellers

    Hey guys I am wanting to add some Neolamprologus Brevis to my tank and have it stocked with peacocks. I have done a mountain of research but have not seen anything as to why I can't put them together? Any feed back around this would be great.
  4. Mongbean

    My 3 foot semi planted tank

    Hey guys, Thought i would share some pictures of my 3 foot tank.. Its currently maturing or growing out but i am very happy with the way things are going. Feel free to make comments and/or suggestions. My main goal is to make sure my fish are all happy and healthy. Sorry for the quality i am...
  5. Mongbean

    Dehane Question

    Can someone please tell me what PH the Dehane prefers? I am struggling to find solid info on these little guys.
  6. Mongbean

    Hello from Brisbane Australia.

    Hey Guys, My name is Lee and I live Brisbane Australia. I currently have a 3 foot semi heavy planted tank which I take allot of pride in. I am looking at getting another tank in about 3 weeks time which I want to do an all Cichlid tank. I have been keeping fish for about 2 years now. I joined...