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  1. davidjp1982

    My female cacs excavations :)

    Never seen this before - she has chosen a leaf resting against the front glass of the tank and has been shimmying sand away with her tail right down to the bottom glass and spitting sand out to block up any entrances :) She is also cleaning the leafs underside which hopefully means she has...
  2. davidjp1982

    Raising brine shrimps to adult

    I've started to keep the leftovers of my BBS hatchlings after draining 90% of the water from my 2l bottle hatchery in a 12x5x10" tub sat in my kitchen and feeding yeast / paprika - no extra light or aeration I just swish the tub a few times a day. After a week I have a nice swarming mass of...
  3. davidjp1982

    Storing frozen foods once defrosted?

    Wasn't sure where to post this and seems such a newbie esque query i thought i would drop it in here! What's the general consensus on storing frozen foods such as daphnia, bloodworm and tubifex once defrosted? I always cut the blocks down before defrosting (especially tubifex as those blocks...
  4. davidjp1982

    Quick question re: Cacatuoides temperature

    Hi just wondered what temperature people here have found optimum for breeding cacs - as with most things a thorough Google search returns a staggering amount of conflicting "definitive" advice! I've seen articles ranging from 29 degrees c all the way down to an article suggesting unheated tanks...
  5. davidjp1982

    My 10 gallon Cacatuoides breeding tank log

    Hope to be able to update this soon with some fry pics - once I tackle the liquid rock water we have here (pH 8 GH 15 kh 8) Tank is 10 gallons with floating bacopa monnieri, 3 coconut caves and two flower pot pieces with leaf litter and alder cones. Temp is 28 c with cold water used for...
  6. davidjp1982

    Lighting options for breeding tank?

    Hi all - I am going to set my old 10 gallon up tomorrow as a breeding tank for my cacatuoides and I was wondering about my lighting options - I have a "cool blue moon" night light or can use one of the "bright white" bulbs from my community tank. Other than that I have some very orangey 2700k...
  7. davidjp1982

    Trying to find ideal weekly feeding schedule for Cacatuoides / Tetra tank

    OK so I having a bit of trouble ensuring my 3 Cacatuoides get a good varied diet without the neon / back skirt and black neon tetras becoming obese! At the moment I have a fairly regular schedule of 2 feeds daily alternating between a couple of pinches of Aquarian flake and NLS Cilchlid pellets...
  8. davidjp1982

    Share favourite guitar solo

    Not sure if this has been done already but always keen on new guitarists - extra points for obscurity. I'll start - Buckethead - Scraps Live
  9. davidjp1982

    Britta water filter = good source of soft water?

    OK long story short I just moved next door to new flat and I knew the property was supplied from different water main and being the OCD fish keeper that I am the first thing I did was check the tap water - from just moving 100 yards my parameters have changed from KH5, GH8 and PH7.4 to KH8, GH15...
  10. davidjp1982

    Cleaning tanks with leaf litter

    I'm curious how you guys keep on top of your setups with leaf litter. I've gone all out on my latest setup and would say the substrate is 95 percent covered with a couple inches of oak leaves. I'm interested in whether the debris that collects on the substrate is detrimental - my water change...
  11. davidjp1982

    MDF Television stand OK for aquarium?

    I've got this 3 support MDF tv stand which is the perfect size for my 15 gallon - there's no max load indicated on it so was wondering if you guys think it would be up to the job baring in mind I have sand substrate and a handful of stones as well. Any thoughts?
  12. davidjp1982

    Moving house today ... Dreaded aquarium move next!

    Can't put it off any longer! Wish me luck....
  13. davidjp1982

    Nitrite spike after rescaping tank

    I recently removed the plants from my tank and rescaped the sand pushing it up into a corner and added some stones from a stream which I boiled and scrubbed and tested with vinegar and also added some dead oak branches which I scrubbed and poured boiling water over, also boiled oak leaves and...
  14. davidjp1982

    Fish swimming back and forth against glass

    This isn't a cichlid question but is regarding my black skirt tetras and their frequent behaviour of swimming up against the glass at one end of the tank or pacing up and down the back wall of the tank. At first I wondered if they were just reacting to their reflections but I worry that they may...
  15. davidjp1982

    Switching from community to Cacatuoides biotope - which species to keep?

    OK so I have decided to switch back to a blackwater amazon biotope after having one previously which slowly transformed to a clear water planted community setup. This is the setup I used to have: I have since got rid of the driftwood and will be using oak branches instead with leaf litter and...
  16. davidjp1982

    Apistogramma lost all its confidence?

    I've noticed over the last month or so that my male Cacatuoides has lost his confidence and hides 90 percent of the time - he has never been like this before and physically appears perfectly healthy. If I go anywhere near the tank he bolts to the nearest cave and hides which means come feeding...
  17. davidjp1982

    Is this cacatuoides juvenile male or female?

    I kept two young cacatuoides from my last spawn assuming they were females but now I am not so sure - they also regularly flare and shake tails at another (definate) female juvenile in the tank from a seperate spawn - is it common for juvenile females to show these signs to other females or do...
  18. davidjp1982

    DIY co2 diffuser options

    Just looking for some advice regarding co2 diffuser options. I've been looking recently at the benefits of co2 in the planted aquarium and I can see I already have most of what I need to give it a go namely yeast, sugar, baking powder, bottles and standard airline tubing. I have a standard...