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  1. Lisachromis

    Early Christmas gift!

    The colours look good to me!
  2. Lisachromis

    Nannostomus marginatus

    Great pics!
  3. Lisachromis


  4. Lisachromis


    I just removed hundreds of spam posts in several categories here. If I have missed any, please let me know!
  5. Lisachromis


    Welcome to the forum John
  6. Lisachromis

    2013 Grand Champion Voting for Picture of the Month

    I took the end date off the poll. Someone will have to remember to check later.
  7. Lisachromis

    Ornamental fish in Peru

    pretty fish
  8. Lisachromis

    Hi from Canada!

    I think way too many of us are in deep trouble then
  9. Lisachromis

    West African Cichlid Maintenance Program

    Yea, I think I would - probably some other local Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society club members might like them as well.
  10. Lisachromis

    West African Cichlid Maintenance Program

    oh if only you were closer!! Lots here would love them
  11. Lisachromis

    An Evening with Ted Judy Nov. 9/13

    OK, last call to let us know if you're coming to the talk. We need to verify numbers with the restaurant for the talk! Please let us know by noon tomorrow (Tues Nov 5)
  12. Lisachromis

    Forum Rules

  13. Lisachromis

    An Evening with Ted Judy Nov. 9/13

    There will be a door prize and raffles (One is a 40 gallon breeder kit). The dinner will be a buffet style. Tossed Green Salad, Creamy Coleslaw, Penne Salad, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef and Gravy, Roasted Potatoes, Vegetables, Dinner Rolls, Assorted Desserts, Coffee and Tea. The two talks will...
  14. Lisachromis

    Hello everyone from the newbie mbuna112

    Welcome to the forum. Ask whatever you want, there's lots of people here with experience.
  15. Lisachromis

    Collecting in Florida?

    Just check your local laws about keeping them. I know in many southern states they are illegal since they do so well in the local waterways (as you've noted ).
  16. Lisachromis

    Collecting in Florida?

    It may pay off to go to facebook and ask Chuck Davis. He collects in Florida.
  17. Lisachromis

    P. taeniatus temperatures

    http://www.tbas1.com/Exchange/Cichlidae_Nov_Dec_2012.pdf Thanks!!
  18. Lisachromis

    P. taeniatus temperatures

    What does the higher temps do to the ratio?
  19. Lisachromis

    P. taeniatus temperatures

    Thanks Mike. Was in a rush since I asked this question 'at work'. Shhh. :)