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  1. Lisachromis


    I just removed hundreds of spam posts in several categories here. If I have missed any, please let me know!
  2. Lisachromis

    An Evening with Ted Judy Nov. 9/13

    There will be a door prize and raffles (One is a 40 gallon breeder kit). The dinner will be a buffet style. Tossed Green Salad, Creamy Coleslaw, Penne Salad, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef and Gravy, Roasted Potatoes, Vegetables, Dinner Rolls, Assorted Desserts, Coffee and Tea. The two talks will...
  3. Lisachromis

    P. taeniatus temperatures

    Was debating about moving a subdominant pair outside into a small tub/pond this year. Does anyone know the extremes of temperatures they can take?
  4. Lisachromis

    Pelvicachromis taeniatus 'dehane'

    Does anyone have any good shots of adults of this fish? I recently bought some and was wondering what they should end up looking like.
  5. Lisachromis

    Apisto Study Group Thread

    Why not set it up again? Make all the 'publications' PDF only. That way there's no mailing cost involed, and those who like hard copies can print it themselves.
  6. Lisachromis

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Just would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
  7. Lisachromis

    Background for tank

    We recently got a 70 gallon curved front glass aquarium for a really good deal. I had told myself I would never again buy a tank that's 30" high. So... I do! At any rate, I'm looking for suggestions for the background. I'm not really looking to get a 3D type one on the inside. I would like a...
  8. Lisachromis


    http://www.cichlidae.info/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=11080 Could someone go there and answer this guy please? Thanks!
  9. Lisachromis

    New apistos

    I figured I'd post them here and not in the thread I started elsewhere to keep the images together. Yes, I know.... clean the glass before taking pics. :tongue: One of my new borellii males Borellii females Young viejita
  10. Lisachromis

    Just had to share

    Just wanted to mention that I got a few new dwarf cichlids on Saturday. Hopefully I can get some decent pics of them soon. New fish are: Apistogramma veijita Apistogramma borellii (had them before, couldn't resist!) Nannacara anomala (had before, and again, couldn't resist)
  11. Lisachromis

    ID the locale

    Hi guys, Didn't want to waste the bandwidth here (and I already posted this elsewhere), so could someone follow the link and tell me what locale this female Pelvicachromis teaeniatus is? http://www.cichlidae.info/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1305
  12. Lisachromis

    Checkerboard cichlid

    Ok... I was just wandering around the petstore when I looked in the African cichlid tank (with juvies in it), and noticed these little guys. Labelled checkerboards. I bought 5 of the 6 there. I have a few shots here...
  13. Lisachromis

    Pelvicachromis T. "Dehane"..."Bipindi" ???

    Does anyone know how to tell these two forms apart? If so, could they answer the lady on this thread at the Cichlid Room Companion? I don't know the answer and noone has helped yet and it's been almost a month. I admin at CRC forum and thought someone here might be able to help...
  14. Lisachromis

    Apisto atahualpa - worms?

    Hey all, Got a pair of these fish the other day and they don't seem to eat much, and they also what appears to be a skinny longish clear piece of 'poo' on them. I suspect internal parasites. I have metro I can use, but these guys as far as I see are only eating bbs and the male is looking...
  15. Lisachromis


    Hi All, I am writing to ask any of you who have taken all these wonderful photos of their apistos for a favour. I currently run the forum at www.cichlidae.com and I was mentioning to Juan Miguel that there are alot of great Apisto shots on this forum. Anyone who would like to share their...
  16. Lisachromis

    Apistogramma Study Group

    Hey all, I need to know if members are getting the publications that go along with membership? We signed up 2 years ago at ACA and still have not received anything. We contacted a few people about this and didn't get a proper response (I did get a response from someone in Dec, but nothing...
  17. Lisachromis

    Petstore Rams

    Well... today was a first. I actually saw a gorgeous pair of rams in the local store. I just had to get them. One is definitely a female with the tube down. The other I assume is male. They were hanging out together in the tank at the store. Even if they aren't a pair, they were absolutely...