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  1. J

    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    My cacautoides frys are always able to eat fry foods like first bites. My first batch i didn't know they had laid eggs, so, they ate powdered flakes until i could get my hands on live food. But, i usually give them copepodes, and vinegar eels from start. Vinegar eels are bigger than bbs, but...
  2. J

    Help ID those?

    I noticed that they do have those stripes, but they are still very fade, i couldn't capture that at the previous pics. I am sorry about the quality of those new pictures, it is a good phone, but very excited never stopping swimming fish when i am around. i do believe they are female because of...
  3. J

    Help ID those?

    They seem young, they are smaller than the femaule A. cacautoides i used to have years ago. around 3 cm, 1.1 inch
  4. J

    Help ID those?

    Hi, i bought at the store few apistogrammas, they couldn't tell if male or female or the sub species. My little experience with apistogrammas point out that they are female cacautoides (cockatoo). In Brazil, they only sell males, and it is first time i see "female" for sale. Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    Water Parameters for Breeding

    I never bred borellis, but with my trifasciatus, cockatoo and agassizi couples, the formula was the same: Do as the killifish breeder do. Coconut powder (garden substract), as the fish tank substrate. Boil, rinse with clean water, and dechlorinated tap water. A small cave for them and lots of...
  6. J

    Female or Male Cacatuoides?

    It looks very similar to mine cacautoide. but not quite equal, my couple bred 2 times, new batch is around 1 month and the first one, about 3. The pic of my female is attached for comparison. The original color is equal of your pic. Mine is yellow because is getting ready for her third batch.