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  1. Kevin Fehringer

    Carbon Affects pH?

    I "heard" recently from someone I respect that there are different grades of carbon available, and that each is "set" to a certain pH level. For example, if I lower the pH in an apisto tank down to 6.0, then put in a box filter with granulated carbon in it, would it change the pH to 7.0, which...
  2. Kevin Fehringer

    Cross-Breeding Avoidance

    I recently got some great little Apistos at our local club auction. Are there some general guidelines regarding which groups you can keep together to avoid cross-breeding. What I purchased were A. hongsloi, A. melgar, A. macmasteri, and A. bitaeniata. Thanks!
  3. Kevin Fehringer

    Hello in Aurora, CO

    Hi! everyone! I'm Kewvin Fehringer, and relatively new to dwarf cichlids. I am fascinated by them, and would learn to keep and breed them. I'm an experienced aquarists of about 40 years off and on. Currently, I mostly breed Africans, but I do have a planted South American tank with angels...