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  1. Racine Vice

    Wild A. agassizii Spawn - Chance of Success in Tap Water

    I have a trio of wild A. agassizii in tap water and one of the females spawned in a coconut cave. My tap water measures a pH of 7.5 and KH of 7. They spawned in the last 24 hours and the eggs still look good. What are the chances they will make it to free-swimming? Is there anything I can do...
  2. Racine Vice

    Fry Predator For P. taeniatus 'Moliwe' Tank

    I am looking for a fry predator or predators for my 15 gallon Pelvicachromis taeniatus 'Moliwe' breeding tank. Any thoughts or ideas? What do you do when your dwarf cichlids produce more fry than you might like? Scott
  3. Racine Vice

    Apistogramma cf. alacrina

    Male Females
  4. Racine Vice

    Clearwater Apistogramma In Blackwater

    In order to produce the water conditions necessary to breed wild Apistogramma I have to filter my tap water through peat. This produces blackwater that can be rather dark depending how fresh the peat is. My question is how do wild clearwater apistogramma do in this blackwater? Does it...
  5. Racine Vice

    P. taeniatus 'Moliwe' - Male Aggressive Toward Female

    I have a pair of P. taeniatus 'Moliwe' in a 15g aquarium and they recently spawned. A few days after the fry became free-swimming the male became very aggressive toward the female, chasing her throughout the aquarium every time she came into sight. The male only seems content when the female...
  6. Racine Vice

    Another Peat Filtration Question

    First some background. I am interested in breeding dwarf cichlids, mainly West Africans and Apistogramma. Space is limited so I only keep a few small aquariums. So far I have spawned N. parilus, S. tinanti and A. cacatuoides 'Triple Red'. I know most dwarfs need soft acidic water and the...