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    Darter tetra

    Little late replying ...
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    Bolivian Rams vs German Blue Rams

    I still call them butterfly cichlids. It's what they were known as here when they first became popular.
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    Bugs in my Grindal Worms...

    If you turn over the culture every day the mites will be unable to compete with the worms and will cease to be a problem.
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    Darter tetra

    A sad lack of threads in this section :) So here's a picture of one of my African darter tetras - Nannocharax fasciatus. A little cutie that hops about on the sand like a wee kangeroo!
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    I use them all the time too. I also have some N. eques babies just now as it happens. :)
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    "Nature morte"

    Like the Ulrey tetras. Very nice set up that. Thanks for sharing.
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    Fish Id..

    Quite close to the female Parananochromis ornatus seen here: http://www.cichlidnews.com/issues/2007apr/whatsnew.html
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    Copella arnoldi..

    Copella arnoldi are reasonably commonly found in the UK. Certainly recently. I spawned them last year but ended up giving away my breeders. They didn't sell at auctions and I ended up selling most of them to a shop for a quid each. Here is a video I made of the fry from my first spawning...
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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    Well I used a 24 x 12 x 12 tank. Thin layer of sand and wood covered with Java fern (the female spawned on a Java fern leaf). When the female spawned she stood guard over the eggs but left them to feed. She chased the male away if he came too close. I removed the male as soon as I could, trying...
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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    I changed a third of the water once a week. Didn't alter the routine at all and the fish didn't bother.
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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    Tank size 24 x 12 x 12 Temp 26-28C pH 5 GH 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWcqJkAdsw8
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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    Very brief video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa5ozOYr4vI
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    Forum colour?

    Thank you, now working.
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    Forum colour?

    The page is no longer scrambled but I'm not seeing the skin choices part. Sorry to be a pain.
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    Please Report Bugs Here

    Display General Settings looks like this:
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    Forum colour?

    How do I get rid of the unreadable brown and yellow? I used to have an easy on the eye blue option but can't seem to find it. The general settings page is not viewable as all the text is jumbled up. Thanks. :)
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    First spawns from the young fish this week. I make that a little over 8 months from egg to egg.
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    Nannacara ID

    Well they look like anomola to me.
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    breeding pencil fish

    Danio erythromicron are very easy to breed and the fry can be raised with the parents. Just provide a lot of sunken mops/moss and floating plants. Put some marbles or filter noodles on the bare bottom and let them get on with it. They will spawn in tap water for me. Feed the fry on paramecium...
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    What are some colouful cichlids?

    You might also consider some of the smaller acaras.