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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    A little update for those interested: A few days ago I put the certain female uaupesi and the dominant male together in a separate 60cm tank. I also trimmed the stock of my showtank a bit. 400L: 7 pterophyllum rio nanay 5 A. uaupesi "sao gabriel" WV 3 d. maculatus WV 4 awaous flavus WV 5...
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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    A little update video of the dominant uaupesi male having a standoff with the sp putzer male again. Unfortunately, my baenschi female died today in my 60cm tank. I only have a male left. The only positive thing out of this is that maybe in the future I will put a pair of the Uaupesi in the 60cm...
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    Apisto iniridae

    Stunning fish! I don't know what kind of price you should go for. Some local breeders here sell most fish for like 15 euros per pair, which seems like a nice price and a bit cheaper than buying from a store.
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    Borellii vs. Macmasteri

    If you want a peacefull tank I'd suggest borelli like Mike said. If you have a good pair of mac's they would be fine there aswell. Once they are a bit paired up they won't really fight. Same for my baenschi, they're a very close pair.
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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    Thanks a lot for your information Mike, greatly appreciated! I was actually hoping they would only be a. uaupesi, because having blutkhls in there would only complicate things haha. I moved the rest of the smaller uapesi to the 400L tank aswell today, so I have all 8 uaupesi (and the 2 sneaky...
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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    Thanks Mike! I guess that's the best option to know for sure. I'm just wondering if I even have more than one female. The certain female in the 400L tank (first post) has a completely round caudal fin, while the other smaller ones in the 60cm (post 2) show the "flattened" caudal fin. I heard...
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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    If anyone has experience sexing these fish, feel free to step in :)
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    How Accurate Is Enough?

    On a facebook page called Biotope aquaristics they divide it into these categories: B1 A true biotope aquarium, a scape with fishes and plants that occur in the same body of water, where they share a specific habitat. B2 A watersystem theme aquarium, fishes and plants occur in the same...
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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    And here are the uaupesi I still need to sex; Fish nr. 1: Fish 2: Fish 3: Fish 4:
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    Apistogramma Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC

    A little over a month ago, I bought 10 A. Uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC. 2 of them turned out to be a. sp. putzer males, so 8 uaupesi now I guess. I bought them at a really small size, about 2 - 3,5 cm total length. Over the past month they have been growing nicely. A few males started to develop...
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    New here

    Hello guys, At the moment I'm keeping 8 young a. uaupesi "sao gabriel" WC, a. beanschi (german bred) and 2 a. sp. putzer males that came in with the WC uaupesi, thought I bought 10 Uaupesi! I also have some angels and other fish. Thanks for having me!