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  1. CopabX

    FS: 35 gal tank

    bump http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?aquariums055&1376919001
  2. CopabX

    FS: 35 gal tank

    A 35 gallon bowfront tank for sale. I'm getting out of fishkeeping for now since I'm going off to college. Pickup only from Livingston, NJ. http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?aquariums055&1375043919
  3. CopabX

    Trumpet snails

    Try aquabid
  4. CopabX

    Monster Fishkeepers Sued by Monster Energy Drink

    If Monster Energy thinks that its consumers will mix up energy drinks and big fish, it just goes to show then the intelligence of its customers.
  5. CopabX

    Help! Male Swimming In Spirals!

    I got a agassizi double red a few weeks ago and we was doing well, flashing to the female and such. The last few days he has been hiding in the caves and this morning I saw him listing a bit to the right side. When I got home just now, he was frantically swimming around the tank in corkscrews...
  6. CopabX

    Fish not eating

    Apistos are notoriously choosy. In time they may eat non-frozen/live foods, but that usually means starving them to the point that they will try anything. Not very good for the fish. If you don't want to raise live foods stick with frozen bloodworms and frozen daphnia. (Also don't keep any...
  7. CopabX

    Any experience with Repashy foods?

    My apistos stare at the meat pie...
  8. CopabX

    cacatuoides male spawning behavior

    I always try to check it out before buying. Unfortunately the closest "knowledgeable" shop is over an hour and a half away so I run into a lot of heavy metals.
  9. CopabX


    They are harmless detritus worms from extra organic matter. There is a more in-depth discussion on the worms in this thread. http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/index.php?threads/nutritious-daphnia.12279/#post-68722
  10. CopabX

    cacatuoides male spawning behavior

    I would be cautious about that. Usually the garden stuff has fertilizers and pesticides. The Home Depot by me even had copper in theirs because they stacked fencing on top...
  11. CopabX

    Apisto borellii a top swimmer?

    It could be because there's a lack of oxygen in the tank. The gudgeons could also be hogging the bottom. I have seen this with plecos and my fish. Try adding stacks of caves elevated off the bottom by a couple inches. The odd swimming reminds me of a gourami that had a bladder problem...
  12. CopabX

    Nutritious daphnia?

    Those are detritus worms. They are usually a sign of overfeeding or a build-up of organic matter. They're harmless and easily rid of by a couple weeks of deep cleaning/filter changes. As a food source though, "you are what you eat."
  13. CopabX

    Suggestions on diet for South American Community tank?

    tjudy, About how much would 3 small apistos eat of the Repashy meat pie? Will they eat the entire 2oz package within the 6 month expiration? I am thinking about getting some...
  14. CopabX

    R/O system with permeate pump

    There is actually only one resin filter. The others are UV and taste filters. I pretty much get the 2:1 ratio because of how many prefilters there are in the setup. I also forgot to mention that my house has a couple more prefilters for incoming tap water so there is much less to filter out by...
  15. CopabX

    R/O system with permeate pump

    It is possible to be more efficient. My system has a ratio of 2:1. More stages are needed so that the membranes don't rupture but it is definitely possible to have lower waste. Also raymond, I wouldn't cheap out on the membranes and setup because it causes so much more hassle later and it may...
  16. CopabX


    White vinegar works realy well to get those stains out...
  17. CopabX

    Best way to hatch Brine shrimp

    Ekona, thanks for the pics. I'm guessing it works by allowing the hatched shrimp to swim through the openings at the bottoms of the ring dividers and make their way towards the center? On a technical note, the Picassa link may not have worked because I am on win7. I do have a gmail and...
  18. CopabX

    Best way to hatch Brine shrimp

    Unfortunately the link http://picasaweb.google.com/Ekona12/Artemia# doesn't seem to be working, it says page not found (Josh, hope you get the picture functions up soon!). As for the reasoning behind me trying to build one, I agree that $25 really isn't that much for something that seems to work...
  19. CopabX

    Best way to hatch Brine shrimp

    Hey Ekona. Is it possible for you to post a couple close-up pictures of the dish so I could build my own? I saw that and thought it looked extremely interesting but all the pictures/photos online were too fuzzy to make out the ring patterns in the inside. Thanks.
  20. CopabX

    A. Agassizi Fire Red