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    Mixing juveniles

    Hi all! Quick question... Is it okay to mix juveniles. I have 6-7 baenschis i was wondering if they could go with my bitaeniatas. They are around 1-2cm. Long.? -r
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    bitaeniatas all around (sorry, might be image heavy)

    Hi all! I thought i share a few glimpes of my brand new 75 liter tank, for my "new" bitaeniatas (they are kids from my first pair, where the big male and dad sadly died around october). Plus i got a few questions regarding some of the bitaeniatas in one of the other tanks. But first a little...
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    Apistogramma bitaeniata

    Hi all! Small question... Sadly, my great a. bitaeniata male died. He was heavy breathing and a bit overall swollen, for some days. I tried to look up the symptoms, but couldn't find the cause or act on any in time. So here's my question, what do you think is best? -redecorate the caves and a...
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    Clay like substrate

    Hi all! I have just re-read the describtion for the d37-gillspot, that Tom put up some time ago. In it, it says that the habitat had a “clay like” substrate, which made me think of how to mimic that in a tank? I have read of people using red clay to help plant growth (mixed with peat), but...
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    apistogramma erythrura

    Hi all! Quick question... i might get one more 54 liter tank and therefore i ofcause started thinking of fishes and plans for the potential new tank.... -because that’s what you do right? My plans so far is to just keep it is a grow out tank and only to take it into use when there is kids...
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    Apistogramma bitaeniata cf. Peru

    Hey all! I was hoping that some of you cool cats could help me identify which color form my bitaeniatas are. When i bought them i asked my LFS if he could ask his reseller, where they got them from. All he could say was that they are wild caught from Peru. So i checked the interwebs for...
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    A. D47

    good evening everyone! I got a question about my d47’s. First off, not long after i bought my trio the one i was pretty sure about being a female died. -it had a black stripe on the pelvic fin and looked the most like the ones i had seen elsewhere on the web. So now i’m left with one big brute...
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    Apistogramma d47 tank

    Hey all! Here my new setup for my 110 liter tank. It's a similare setup to my baenschi tank in regards to decor. Beech branches, lots of leafs and a few seedpods and few plants. It's now housing 14 Nannostromus marginatus, 1 ancistrus and yesterday i picked up 3 Apistogramma d47. I ordered 1...
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    Apistogramma d47

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone of you could help me with some info on A. d47 I found JoeriDs thread and i have read what was on TomC site, but i'm interested in hearing more thoughts on and "hands on" experience. Bonus question... From whati could read on Tom's site, it sounded like...
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    75 liter A. baenschi biotope

    hey all! i thought i show a few pics of my new 75 liter tank. it's the new home for my baenschi pair and the remaining 3 copella callolepis. specs: aquael turbo 500 sponge filter aquael leddy smart 6w, 8000k led. 100w heater i used beech banches and a few redmoore roots. there is also a lot...
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    New tank and fish stocking

    Hey all! I recently bought a new 75 liter tank, which i'm gonna pick up on friday (-feeling like a teenage girl at a justin bieber concert).. Now i want to move things around a bit. Here's my ideas for all three tanks. 54 liter: 1. move my current pair of A. baenschi to this and make a...
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    Old fish.. young fish

    Hi all! I've just been a few days away. When i came back, my big a. baenschi male was dead. BUGGER. So my question is, how would the "old" female react if i added the biggest pair of my fry to the same tank? I have just redecorated it a bit so the old female usual caves have been moved around...
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    Questions and observations

    Hey all! First off.. i'm not sure if i post in the right subforum, so if any mods think otherwise, please correct... Do A Baenschi have shared custody, when eggs are deposited? I haven't seen much to the male lately, but i'm not affraid that he is ill or anything, because when he do decide to...
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    the luxury problem - baenschi breeding

    hey all! my fantastic a. baenschi couple recently showed their new batch of cool kids (-her shown as blurry blobs). -which i'm ofcause very happy about. the problem is that earlier this year, when i she only had one batch of fry to look out for, i swaped tanks, so the little family could get...
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    Copella nigrofasciatum.

    Hi all! On next friday i’m going to pick up some Copella nigrofasciatum. I think they are really nice looking fish, but i have never kept them before. -So i wondered og any of you have any experience in keeping them? I have read what little i could find on them from other sites like fishbase...
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    Hi everyone! Here's my take on a biotope-ish setup. I recently moved things around so the plants are resettling. Tank size: 110 liters Sponge filter and LED light setup, set to a fairly low intensity. I got redmoore roots and beech branches, different type of seedpods, coconut shells...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi! My name is Rasmus, i'm from denmark and last year i got back into the aquarium hobby. I started last year with a boroughed tank from my wifes kindergarden. -Got rid of the goldfish and said to myself i wanted to take a shot at keeping apistos. Something i have always wanted. First i got a...